Plus size maxi dresses: Discover Ulla Popken’s styling wonders

They play around your curves. They swing elegantly when you move. They can conceal as well as accentuate: We are talking about plus size maxi dresses. 
Browse through our online store, get inspired and discover your new favorite piece at Ulla Popken.

How long are plus size maxi dresses for women?

The name already gives a hint: These dresses are long. Unlike midi dresses in large sizes, they come in various lengths:

•    At least to above the calves
•    Up to the ankles
•    Even all the way to the floor

This is a very advantageous length. Because plus size maxi dresses for women cover your legs almost completely
This allows you to wear them on cooler days or fresh nights. But also during hot temperatures plus size maxi dresses for summer are a good choice. These models are usually made of light and airy fabrics like cotton or polyester. In addition, they run a little flared, so your legs can enjoy a lot of space.

How do I wear plus size maxi dresses for women?

These models suit almost every curvy lady. If you are petite, you can combine maxi dresses in plus sizes best with high shoes. This will stretch your silhouette visually. 
However, long dresses set the scene especially beautifully for tall, curvy women. The cut looks so very elegant falling around your legs!

Just choose the right plus size maxi dresses to highlight your best features:

•    Vertical seams stretch your figure.
•    V-necks highlight large breasts.
•    Plus size maxi dresses with sleeves - sometimes half-length, sometimes with a slit, sometimes flared - conceal strong upper arms.
•    Off-the-shoulder models balance out strong hips.
•    Casual plus size maxi dresses emphasize the waist while concealing problem zones on hips and buttocks.
•    Under long A-line dresses chubby thighs do not stand out at all.

Plus size maxi dresses for every style and occasion

Slip it on, choose your shoes and bag - and you're ready to go! Maxi dresses in large sizes are quickly styled. You can wear these trendy pieces for a wide variety of occasions:

•    A day like any other: Everyday life is often determined by regularities. It is all the more beautiful when you can set accents with fashion. So how about a cheerfully plus size floral maxi dress, for example? Or how about other patterns? Whether butterflies, stripes, tiles, batik, paisley or leo print, you decide. Boots and a jacket round up your outfit during colder weather.
•    For pure vacation feeling: For a vacation look, you need, for example, a plus size boho maxi dress or one with a short, opaque skirt part and long, transparent upper fabric. Such and similar plus size maxi dresses are super comfortable to wear even in warm temperatures. Matching sandals to it and already a look is created from only two parts.
•    Feel-good dresses for your next date: Show yourself as you are! The right clothes are essential. You can't go wrong with a plus size maxi dress. Because it conceals where it should conceal and emphasizes where it should emphasize. If you decide on a model with leg slit, the extra portion of sexiness is also provided!
•    As a wedding guest: You are still looking for long dresses for large sizes to celebrate the most beautiful day in the life of a dear friend? At weddings, it's best to dress chic, but not too pompous, so as not to steal the show from the bride. Check out our plus size maxi evening dresses! Classic black and dark blue look very festive. But you can also set the scene with a strong meadow green, fresh turquoise or another color.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size maxi dresses

Which materials are used for plus size maxi dresses?

With the selection of maxi dresses for large sizes at Ulla Popken you can choose between different materials. We make sure that they are always comfortable to wear, so that you feel good all around. Especially popular are maxi dresses in large sizes made of skin-friendly cotton or flowing viscose.

Which shoes can I wear with a plus size maxi dress?

In general, you can choose the shoes to your maxi dress, which make you feel most comfortable, and which fit best to your clothing style. For a light summer outfit, casual sneakers or delicate sandals will ideally complement your plus size maxi dress. For a style a little more chic, accentuate your figure with elegant high heels.

Which jacket goes with plus size maxi dresses?

Depending on the occasion and weather conditions, you can wear different plus size jackets for women with your maxi dress. A jeans jacket complements a casual look wonderfully, a leather jacket creates a rock’n’roll style and a cardigan rounds off a romantic and playful outfit perfectly.

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