Plus Size Bras for Women

Every good outfit begins with a good foundation. That's why our selection of plus size bras is so important! From lounging bras for everyday comfort to spicy lace-trimmed numbers to set pulses racing, there's a bra for every occasion. Among our collection, you'll find:

  • Plus size underwire bras
  • Plus size wire free bras
  • Plus size minimizer bras
  • Plus size sports bras

The right plus size bra for everyday wear

Comfort varies from person to person, so the perfect plus size bra will always be an individual choice. There are a few basics to look at. Underwire bras provide greater uplift, holding the breasts away from the body, while wire free bras do not. Many women find plus size wire free bras more comfortable, as they have no metal parts that irritate or dig in. On the other hand, a good plus size underwire bra provides greater lift, separation, and definition to your bust.

Think about the style of clothing you tend to wear, too. If you favor fitted tanks, then a T-shirt bra is the best choice for creating a smooth silhouette. It will have no lace details to create ridges and bumps that can be seen through your clothes. V neck blouses and full coverage bras don't go well together - you don't want your bra peeking out, after all! Choose one with half cups for a better look.

Plus size sports bras for painless exercise

A good plus size sports bra is absolutely necessary if you're doing vigorous exercise. The level of support will depend on your chosen sport. High-impact exercises, like running, require a lot of support, while gentler activities like Pilates don't need so much. A sports bra should fit more closely than a regular bra, but it must not be so tight that it restricts breathing. If you can fit two fingers between the straps and your shoulders, it's probably the right size.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size bras for women

What's the best type of plus size bra to reduce the appearance of my bust?

Not happy being ogled? A plus size minimizer bra can reduce the appearance of your bust by one full size. Minimizers are designed for discretion and usually have wide, comfortable straps and full coverage cups. As well as making your bust seem smaller, they can help to reduce uncomfortable bounce.

What color bra is the most discreet for daily wear?

It all depends on what you're wearing on top! Black goes with black, and dark colors with other dark colors. Contrary to popular belief, white bras are not the most discreet to wear under white shirts. In fact, in bright lighting, white will often show through, drawing attention to your bra! For subtlety, it's better to choose a nude color that's close to your skin tone. Wearing something bold and colorful? If it's not sheer, then feel free to go crazy, choosing the brightest bra in your closet!

How should I care for my plus size bras to keep them looking their best?

Always check the care instructions on the label, and remember, lingerie can sometimes require special attention. Slip your plus size bras into a mesh bag before putting them into the washer or, if you have the time and the patience, handwash them. It's generally not a good idea to dry them by machine. They will last longer left to air dry and then carefully put away. When storing bras in a drawer, place them with the cups facing outwards, maintaining their shape.

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