Keep warm in fashionable plus size coats

In every season and every kind of weather, the right type of coat is essential. Our selection of plus size coats is sure to keep you warm—and fashionable. From cozy fleece jackets to trendy plus size softshell jackets for spring or fall, we've got you covered.

Stylish plus size coats
Jackets crafted out of soft fleece are a great way to beat the cold, and our fleece jackets come in any number of colors and cuts. For fall, quilted plus size parkas offer just enough warmth for those cool days and nights, all while delivering a figure-flattering silhouette. Of course, a woman simply must wear a coat once winter arrives. Thankfully, Ulla Popken's collection of plus size parkas offer just the right combination of fashion, comfort, and function. Coats constructed out of wool are also great in winter and offer both a classic and practical approach to keeping the cold out. Once spring arrives, a plus size softshell jacket help you stay cool and dry. Browse our collection of plus size coats and plus size parkas in various lengths, colors, and styles to find your new favorite.

Smart Coats For Your Well-Defined Body

No matter what season it is, women want to look fashionable all day long. And what can be better than a perfectly fitted modish coat? Our huge collection of plus size coats is certain to keep you warm and trendy. From comfy wool coats to classy trench coats, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading to find out more about our selection of coats.

Fit & Fabric

The over-sized or undersized coat will make you feel uneasy. Be choosy when you’re shopping for what you wear. Cross your both arms pretending to hug yourself, the coat should make your back feel comfortable. Put on the coat and button or zip it up; walk around for a while. Your chest, hips, or arms should have required space. Choose a size that’s one larger than what you typically purchase for better comfort. Make sure the sleeves cover an inch more from your wrist; leave no room for the chilling cold to touch your skin. We have a choice of wool, leather, fur, suede, and blends. Based the fabric of your winter coat on the level of comfort or warmth you require. Avoid the materials you’re allergic to. Also, choose the one based on your style, personality, and budget. The cost will vary based on the textile.

Suede, Fur, and Faux

Suede is a great combination of fashion and comfort. Whether it’s a finely detailed suede coat or an inserted quilt selection with hoods, you’ll find everything unique with us. Fur gives you maximum warmth and style. You can perfectly wear it without looking bulky. Real fur needs special care, therefore, faux fur has come up as a great alternative. It keeps you cozy and can be used thoroughly. The hoods of many of our coats come with faux fur.


You might be shying away from this style thinking it’ll add to your curves, but with more curve-conscious designers around, you can perfectly own a puffer coat! Ulla Popken's collection of plus size puffers is a perfect blend of style, comfort, and function. Whether it’s one with a stand-up collar, a detachable faux fur hood, a 4-in-1 coat, we have it all. These zipped coats feel light on your body and the knee length gives a chic appeal.

Wool & Wool-Feel Coats

Coats made out of wool and wool blends are also a great choice for winter. They offer sophistication and shield you for the freezing cold. From one buttoned soft wool blend to wool-feel plaid shawl, you’ll find every fabric to suit your need and add flair to those flawless curves.

Trench & All Weather Coats

The trench coat is a classic innovation and a perfect way to keep you both dry and warm at the same time. The belt around the waist works fabulously for defining your curves. The lining protects you from the weather conditions and adds an extra layer of warmth to your coat. Ulla Popken offers a wide range of trench coats in varied lengths, colors, and styles. We have highly versatile all-weather coats, which comes with adjustable and detachable hoods. These waterproof, windproof, and breathable coats will rightly serve your need. Browse through our selection to find the best one for you.
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