Plus size parkas – keeping you warm and dry through any weather

When it comes to timeless pieces for colder months and harsh weather, a plus size parka is your best friend! This fashionable jacket remains popular in the fashion world and is not only warm and comfy, but at the same time extremely stylish and versatile! Look through the large selection of plus size parkas for women at Ulla Popken to find your next favorite coat!

Plus size women’s parkas – besting any weather in style

Women’s plus size parka coats are among the best outdoor jackets thanks to their many qualities:

•    they are windproof and waterproof
•    the jackets will preserve warmth since they are insulated 
•    their material makes them comparatively lightweight
•    they are comfy and a great addition to any wardrobe

For the rainy months of spring and fall, a plus size 3 in 1 jacket will keep you dry. These plus size functional jackets for women have two layers, with the inner fleece for chilly but dry days, the outer layer wet and windy ones, or both combined to ensure you protection from the weather even while hiking on a mountain.

Plus size winter parkas are primarily using warming fabrics such as wool or down. Such a plus size down coat isn’t only fluffy and nice to the touch but is cut in a way that accentuates your silhouette even if you wear a plus size sweater for women underneath.

You can also wear a light plus size waterproof parka made of cotton and polyester during chilly summer evenings to protect you from cold drafts!

Why are plus size parkas so popular?

Parkas are basically cut like plus size coats for women, roughly reaching to your hips or kneecaps. They come in a multitude of colors leaving you with a broad selection of pieces to find the one that suits your tastes. Next to that, their fit makes them perfect for curvy women: their loose cut optically masks your hips and bottom, while many plus size parka coats further accentuate your curves with a drawcord waistband.

Designwise, every plus size ladies’ parka has a hood to protect your head from any kind of weather. Depending on your personal style, you can find plus size parkas with (faux) fur hoods or ones without any fur. Some models allow you to take off the fur with a zipper or Velcro strap on the go – which is also helpful for cleaning your plus size parka jacket.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size parkas

How do I properly clean my plus size parka?

First, you should check for the care label of your plus size parka. If there are no instructions proceed to take off the fur if possible. Clean the fur lining with a soft bristle brush. Especially for plus size down parkas it’s best to wash the jacket on its own with cold water and mild detergent. Afterwards, you should immediately put your parka into the dryer – women’s plus size down coats should be dried on lower temperatures, adding a few dryer balls.

How does a plus size parka protect me from getting wet?


In general, the majority of plus size women’s winter and summer parkas are water-repellant. Nonetheless, there is a gradual difference between water-resistant and waterproof jackets. The former denotes parkas that can easily withstand rain showers and snow, while the latter is designed to protect even from rainstorms by not absorbing water at all. 

What colors is best for plus size parkas to go with everything?

To get the most out of your new stylish plus size parka, it’s best to make sure that it already harmonizes with other elements of your wardrobe. To ensure a great number of possible combinations, it’s best to opt for a set of moderate colors like green, cream, navy blue, khaki or black.

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