Plus size tank tops to stay cool in any situation

Once summer starts there is barely anything more comforting than warm sunrays kissing your skin. While it may be the perfect weather for a floaty plus size dress for women, they aren’t the best pick when you want to go out for a run. This is where our plus size tank tops step in! They come in different colors, cuts, and patterns, excellently fitting for many occasions. Choose from our flattering tank tops for plus size outfits:

•    Plus size tunic tank tops
•    Plus size graphic tank tops
•    Plus size sequin tank tops
•    Plus size ribbed tank tops
•    Plus size cami tops

Plus size tank tops for ladies are the ultimate basic piece

Next to plus size t-shirts for women, tank tops are another extremely versatile piece that deserves its place in every wardrobe. Thanks to their breathable fabrics they make a great choice for physical exercise and relaxing days on the beach or at the pool. However, these plus size sleeveless tops are great for any occasion, as different cuts and materials make it an excellent basic piece for outfits during any season.

The secret of their versatility lies in the fact that plus size tank tops are great for layering!

•    When it’s still warm, you can wear your plus size camisole with a pair of jeans and sneakers for a casual look.
•    Once summer evenings get colder, simply wear a light plus size jacket for women over your plus size cami top.
•    During the frigid months of fall and winter, you can wear a plus size long tank top for layering under a comfy plus size sweater for women.

How do I style my plus size tank top?

Depending on the occasion, you can create a chic look with a few pieces:

•    For the workplace: A plus size white tunic tank top combined with a skirt, a blazer, and pumps makes for an elegant business look.
•    For the gym: When exercising, a plus size workout tank is best matched with joggers or shorts to ensure you freedom of movement without sweating too much.
•    For day-to-day life: Looking for a casual combination? Pair a plus size flowy tank top with your favorite plus size jeans for women  for a comfortable casual style.
•    For special evenings: Whether preparing for the next party or a romantic date, match a lace top with cloth pants and heels for a classy look.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size tank tops for women

What’s the best plus size tank top for sports?

For sporty activities it’s best to look for a plus size tank top with a built-in bra. An extra layer of elastic fabric above your breasts and another thick elastic underneath them provide additional support. Women’s plus size tank tops with built in bras are therefore the perfect fit for runs, exercises, hiking and many other activities! If you need some extra ease of movement, search for a plus size racerback tank – since its cut reveals your shoulders and shoulder blade, it’s a must-have for sports.

What’s the difference between tank tops and spaghetti straps?

Albeit quite similar in design and function, compared to spaghetti straps, plus size tank tops have broader straps which cannot be adjusted

How do I properly clean my plus size tank top?

Proper care for your plus size tank tops is important in order for them to keep their shape and color. Tops made of cotton can be cleaned in the washer at low temperatures, yet if they also contain viscose you should use mild detergent. However, plus size sequin or graphic tank tops are best washed by hand.

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