Plus Size T-Shirts for Women – the basic piece for any outfit

By now t-shirts are a universal piece of every woman’s wardrobe. Coming in different sizes, cuts, and materials, our plus size t-shirts for ladies present you with the perfect pick for your preference. Do you prefer a simple black or white t-shirt as the foundation of a more elaborate style? Or are you looking for plus size graphic tees which draw attention towards you? Check out our selection of comfortable big size t-shirts for ladies to find the right piece for you!

Form meets function in our plus size tee shirts

Plus size t-shirts for women are among the most versatile articles of clothing. If basic monochrome pieces aren’t your style, then you will find the right fit with colorful plus size tie dye t-shirts or a cute plus size Disney shirt. Looking for clothing that matches the season? Then pick from:

  • Plus Size Halloween Shirts
  • Plus size Christmas T-Shirts
  • Plus Size Valentine’s Day Shirts

If you are looking for a more elegant addition to your wardrobe, then plus size knit tunic t-shirts or plus size shirt jackets for women will provide you stylish alternatives for any occasion. 

Frequently asked questions about our plus size t-shirts for women

How do I properly clean my plus size t-shirt for women?

The cleaning process of your new favorite large size t-shirt depends on its material and whether it has a print or additional accessories such as sequin.

•    Regular basic or colorful plus size shirts made of cotton should be washed together with similar hues.
•    For women’s plus size graphic tees, it’s best to turn the shirt inside out. Use cold water, as hot temperatures might cause the print to crack or fade – therefore you should not iron it either!
•    When it comes to plus size t-shirts with sequins, you should also turn them inside out. Select a gentle wash cycle with cold temperatures and a mild detergent. 

The safest method to care for your plus size t-shirts is to wash them by hand. Simply fill a sink with cold water, add a teaspoon of mild detergent, and submerge the top. Swish it around in the sudsy water, then let it rest for five minutes. Drain the soapy water, refill clean water, and rinse your shirt until no suds remain. If it is a simple shirt you can put it in a dryer, otherwise it’s best to hang it to air-dry.

What are the different types of plus size t-shirts for women?

•    The classic plus size t-shirt for women owes its name to its t-shape with the short-sleeved design ending above the elbow. They are available as plus size V-neck or crew neck t-shirts.
•    Plus size polo shirts for women come with a collar and buttons, for a slightly more formal look.
•    Extra long plus size shirts are cut like a regular t-shirt, albeit being longer, thus a great fit for tall ladies. Those plus size oversized shirts reach to your thighs and look perfect when paired with a pair of skinny jeans or plus size leggings for women.
•    If you are looking for a trendy shirt for plus sizes, then a cut out shirt will draw attention towards your shoulders or stomach, depending on the style.

Which t-shirt cut is ideal for my body shape?

Triangle shape: With a narrow upper body and broader hips, it’s best to opt for a plus size t-shirt for ladies that has a plunging neckline to balance your proportions.

Inverted triangle shape: As the name already suggests, it’s the inversion of the previous one, with broader shoulder and a narrower waist. Choose darker colors and straight cuts in order to redirect attention from your shoulders to your hips.

Rounded shape: Ladies with a round belly can optically stretch their silhouette with a deep v-cut shirt and a matching necklace.

Hourglass shape: Practically any type of plus size t-shirt fits women with this body shape. To further accentuate your narrow waist and pronounced curves, pick a figure flattering shirt that ends just before your waist.

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