Plus Size Jeans for Women

Jeans have established themselves as one of the most commonly worn articles of clothes – which does not surprise, as plus size jeans for women are comfortable, easy to wear, and practically fitting for almost any kind of outfit. However, their popularity does not dictate that everyone has to wear seemingly identical pants. Our selection of jeans for curvy women combines comfort with style, whether you like:

  • Plus Size Bootcut Jeans
  • Plus Size Mom Jeans
  • Plus Size Boyfriend Jeans
  • Plus Size High Waisted Jeans

We have them all in our large range of plus size jeans for women! 

Which fit of plus size jeans for ladies suits me best?

The best jeans for curvy women are those, which compliment your silhouette and emphasize your feminine charms. In general, a pair of white plus size jeans directs attention towards your legs, while black plus size jeans redirect eyes away from them and towards your upper body. Given that plus size jeans for women are extremely versatile, there’s a fitting piece for everyone:

Plus size straight leg jeans

A staple when it comes to curvy jeans, plus size straight fit pants for women are almost the same width on the thighs and calves, making them perfect if you:

  • don’t want to put attention to your strong calves
  • have a rounder figure and belly that you want to conceal, making them the best plus size jeans for a big stomach – alternatively, you can opt for a stylish pair of plus size maternity jeans!

Plus size wide leg jeans

Wide leg jeans are tight-fitting on your hip but get wider the lower they go, making them the best jeans for a curvy figure if you:

  • want to conceal problematic portions of your legs
  • aim to optically stretch your silhouette
  • wish to emphasize your feminine waist

Plus size bootcut jeans

Plus size flare or bootcut jeans are form-hugging around your thighs but get wider towards your ankles, which is why they are the best jeans for curvy thighs if you:

  • want to put your strong calves into the background
  • aim to create an optical counterweight to your broad hips or shoulders

Plus size skinny jeans

Tight-fitting plus size stretch jeans are great if you are searching for a form flattering piece of pants, especially since they:

  • emphasize long legs
  • put your hourglass figure into the focus
  • conceal slender thighs

Plus size jean shorts

Perfect for warm summer days, a pair of plus size denim shorts is great if you want to:

Frequently asked questions about our plus size jeans for women

What type of jeans suits women with shorter legs?

If you want to optically stretch your legs, it’s best to pick a pair of plus size high-rise jeans, as they typically expose your ankles. As your the pants end a bit higher and thus reveal more of your legs, they appear longer – especially if you pair them with some high heels!

How do I properly clean my plus size jeans?

In order to preserve the color of your new plus size pants for women, you should use a mild detergent. Additionally, make sure to wash it with clothes in a similar hue – jeans lose some of their color during the first washing cycle, which might transfer to lighter articles, in turn changing their coloration.

Can I iron my new pair of jeans?

In general, you can iron any kind of plus size jeans inside out. However, you should check for the care tag first, to search for the recommended temperature.

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