Plus Size Polo Shirts for Women – sporty and fashionable pieces

French tennis legend René Lacoste designed a short-sleeved shirt for more comfort during games, while the sport of polo adopted the design a few years later – that’s how we got plus size polo shirts for women! They are stylish, evoking a sporty spirit and confidence. However, they are not limited to sports, as many women already made this fashion piece a part of their wardrobe.

At Ulla Popken you can find a wide selection of plus size polo shirts in different colors, patterns, and cuts:

•    Plus size sleeveless polo shirts
•    Plus size long sleeve polo shirts
•    Plus size monochrome polo shirts
•    Plus size print polo shirts

Plus size polo shirts for ladies are stylish and low-maintenance

Plus size polo shirts – also known as plus size golf or tennis shirts – are typically made of a piqué knit, a type of knitted cotton. This fabric has a smooth surface and is rather sturdy, making it a great pick for physical activities. Next to that, the knit erases the need to iron the golf shirts for ladies in plus sizes, making it an extremely easy-care material.

The defining characteristic of plus size golf polos is the collar in combination with a 3 to 4 button placket. If you love elegant flowy clothes and can’t get enough of a polo shirt’s aesthetic, then a polo style dress in plus size is an excellent pick for you! All in all, a plus size women’s golf shirt provides a low-maintenance alternative to plus size blouses for women.

Styling your plus size golf polo for any occasion

A plus size polo shirt for women presents you with a timeless option for many different occasions. Combining it with different pieces of your wardrobe, you can easily create outfits ranging from casual to professional looks:

•    For the workplace: For a sporty business look, it’s best to opt for a simple monochrome top like a plus size white or black polo shirt. Wear a pencil skirt and pumps in a matching hue to complete the outfit. Alternatively, match a white polo shirt in women’s plus sizes with darker plus size chino pants for women and ballet flats for a chic style.
•    For day-to-day life: There are no limits when it comes to plus size golf polos for your casual outfits. Depending on the weather, you can match a plus size women’s polo with a pair of jeans or Bermudas as well as some sneakers. Summer is great for plus size women’s sleeveless polo shirts, while colder weather is bested in long sleeved alternatives.
•    For special evenings: If it’s elegance for the next date or party you are looking for, then a monochrome piece will do the trick. Wear an elegant plus size skirt for women, add a matching pair of ankle boots and don a blazer to complete the style. 

Frequently asked questions about our plus size polo shirts for women

How do I properly wash a plus size polo shirt for women?

What you should always do before you start washing your new clothes is to check whether their care label lists any special instructions. If there are none, just proceed to button up the collared shirt and turn it inside out. Always make sure to wash it with similar hues - a plus size red polo shirt might bleed its color into other clothes! It’s best to use mild detergent on lower temperatures in order to preserve the shirt’s shape.

How should I iron my plus size polo shirt?

If you immediately fold or hang your polo shirt or polo dress in plus size, then you don’t need to iron it. However, should you forget to do so, creases and wrinkles might cause a messy appearance. Ironing a plus size polo shirt is quite similar to ironing a regular shirt. The only major difference is the importance of the collar – place the inside part of it on your board and iron over it until the wrinkles disappear. Turn the shirt around and do the same for the other side of the collar to ensure that it won’t curl up.

What is the perfect fit for a plus size polo shirt?

•    Tapered fit: with a narrower cut, polo shirts in a tapered fit are figure-hugging which makes them great if you have a lean upper body
•    Straight fit: with their wider cut, polo shirts in a straight fit help to mask problematic portions of your body while evoking a sporty look

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