What is slinky?

selection by Ulla Popken is synonymous with modern classics and eye-catching numbers. The collection features vivid, bright colors. Thanks to the high-quality fabrics and materials, you’ll always be perfectly dressed for business, special occasions or a celebration. One of the preferred materials used in the selection range is slinky. Why is it such a popular fabric?

Slinky fabric is not made using polyester. Instead, it uses only crepe-like acetate and viscose mixtures. Slinky is knitted, which means it is made of stitches that can stretch. This gives the material elasticity. Our selection label boasts a fantastic range of high-quality slinky items. 

In addition to tops with short sleeves and 3/4-length sleeves, our collections also include vests. These feature great side slits. A V-neck and half arm create a casual, relaxed look.

The advantages of slinky fabric​

The weighty, gently flowing nature of slinky has plenty of fans: The material barely ever creases and is extremely comfortable to wear. So your slinky garments can cope with a long day spent sitting down without creasing. If you’re traveling, you can also sling them in your suitcase without having to worry. What’s more, slinky is a fabric that’s perfect for warmer weather.

Slinky is available with a range of different properties: with a high-shine finish, metallic threads, or other colored synthetic fibers. The clothes can be worn on special occasions, but in most cases are also suitable for everyday wear. Slinky blouses are a great choice for a stylish work look in particular. They look fantastic worn under a blazer and work brilliantly with both skirts and pants.

Slinky pants and dresses

Slinky pants feature an elasticated waistband, which makes wearing pants even more comfortable in hot weather. The close-knit slinky fabric conceals all those lumps and bumps on your thighs and butt beautifully.

The same goes for figure-hugging dresses in slinky fabric.


V-Neck Blouse


Slinky Pants

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