Many plus size women think that blouses don’t flatter their figure. This is by no means the case with fashionable long blouses! Different colors, cuts and materials ensure a great variety in our collection. Long blouses suit every figure type. They usually reach the hips or middle of the thigh, small problem areas are perfectly camouflaged by this length. In addition, long blouses are true combination partners: whether casual, trendy or chic – the long blouse is a real “all-rounder” with high wearing comfort thanks to its longer cut.


In summer, fashionable long blouses are light, comfortable fabrics with short or long sleeves. They are perfect for a day of shopping or a walk in the park.

In winter, a long blouse combined with fine materials and complemented by beautiful jewelry ensures a comfortable and at the same time chic, elegant look in the office. But it also goes well in the evening for dinner in a restaurant with friends.

The right length of a long blouse should first and foremost be determined for yourself:  It is said that smaller women should rather choose a blouse that is just over the hips. Larger women can also wear a length up to the middle of the thigh. Smaller women are also good with long blouses that have details such as patterns or ruffles around the shoulders. This makes them look a bit taller. But taller women are also welcome to use the pattern! Large-scale floral prints make a chic fashion statement with simple crop or ankle length pants and create a perfect silhouette. 


The fashionable long blouse is properly styled with a glance at the body proportions.

Think about what you would like to focus on, on your body and make sure that you always combine the blouse with a somewhat narrower fashion item. Which part you choose closer, you can decide freely according to your ideas. It can be the shirt under the blouse or the pants.

What you wear over your long blouse depends entirely on your personal taste. Many customers combine a shorter sweater with a blouse, which looks very trendy.

three styles

Long blouse


Denim jacket

Choose tight pants with a closed blouse

To highlight the  décolleté  and hide your hips, you should take a waist belt and wear it over the closed long blouse. A blouse with a slight V-neck is also great here. You can also create a V-neck yourself by opening the first two or three buttons. Choose a  pair of narrow pants  and you’re ready in an instant. This is how to look stylish and confident!

Always make sure that long blouses that are worn closed do not look wrinkled and that the button placket is not stretched in the bust area. Then the blouse provides a stylish outfit all by itself.

Wear a long blouse with loose trousers

If you prefer loose blouses, choose a lighter or more transparent fabric. It looks great when the blouse has a simple pattern. Then you can best wear it open over a tighter t-shirt or top and roll-up the sleeves slightly. You can also choose wide-cut trousers, because the tight top will shape your figure.

This look looks great especially in summer instead of the classic jeans. A light weight culotte or short pant with a loose cut would be further alternatives to wide, long pants.


Focus on fashionable long blouses with a chic pattern. This can be a flower or a snake pattern, for example. It is best to combine it with simple, single-colored trousers, or leggings then the overall look will not be too restless.

If you need a jacket on cold days, make sure that the jacket is roughly the length of the blouse. In an emergency, choose a jacket that is significantly shorter – such as a denim jacket or cardigan . Or the jacket is significantly longer, which would be the case with a coat.

In short: fashionable long blouses invite you to feel good! They are often a fashion trend – let them shine from a timeless perspective.

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