Plus Size Linen Blouses for Women

On a hot day, nothing keeps you cool like linen! This lightweight fabric is ideal for summer clothes, and our selection of plus size linen blouses will keep you fresh and fierce when the sun is blazing. From button down shirts you can wear to the office to casual tunics for the beach, you'll find linen blouses for every occasion. Embrace the natural look!

Everyday summer chic: the plus size linen blouse in action

Thanks to the unique properties of the flax plant that the fiber is woven from, linen is one of the coolest fabrics around. That makes our plus size accessories and linen blouses a real treat on hot days! To make the most of its cooling and breathable properties, most linen blouses are loose fitting and will gently skim over your figure. With so much volume up top, it's important to make sure you're still rocking a shapely silhouette. Do this by pairing a loose linen blouse with skinny fit pants, or if it's really hot out, dare to bare your legs in a pair of plus size shorts.

Linen clothes are often made in soft and muted colors, which highlights the fiber's natural, rustic appeal. However, you can also find plus size linen blouses in bright colors, bold jewel tones, and more. Crisp white or soft stone are classic choices, but if you find that these muted tones wash you out, don't be afraid to go for linen plus size accessories in deep pink or turquoise!

Plus size linen blouses for the office

Linen is most commonly worn on casual occasions, but it can be adapted for a day at work. A lot will depend on your office dress code. Think carefully about the style you're going for and how you want to achieve it. Worn with chinos, a plus size linen blouse will look pretty casual, which can be a great vibe for a more relaxed workplace. A fitted skirt helps move your linen to the smarter side of smart-casual, especially if you're going for a crisp white linen blouse. Just remember the golden rule: if you're going to wear a linen blouse to the office, iron it thoroughly! Those trademark creases look great on the beach, but not in a formal environment.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size linen blouses for women

How can I take care of my plus size linen blouses?

Always follow the care label on your plus size linen blouse. In general, it is easy to care for linen fabric, and it can be washed and dried by machine. Take your time while ironing your linen blouses. Hang, rather than fold, your linen garments to keep them looking their best. Linen creases easily, which gives it a casual and relaxed look. That can make for great summer style, but watch out - there's a fine line between relaxed and rumpled!

How can I dress down a smart plus size linen blouse?

Button down plus size linen blouses are a popular choice. They're often looser fitting than other button down shirts, which helps stop any gaping. They're also incredibly versatile. Wear one with slim fit tailored pants for a smart occasion, then swap them for jeans when it's time to go casual. Long sleeve linen blouses look great with the sleeves rolled up to your elbows. This is an instant way to freshen up your style and go from smart to casual!

How can I style a plus size linen tunic?

Linen tunics are a great, versatile type of plus size linen blouse that is ideal for casual occasions. For a bold statement, wear your plus size accessories with pants or a skirt in a strongly contrasting color. For example, a jewel toned blouse looks great with cream or stone pants. Don't tuck your tunic in — let it hang out for a more relaxed style. Keep things summery with a cute pair of sandals, and don't forget that pedicure.

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