Plus Size Open Front Blouses for Women

The layered look is chic, flattering, and never goes out of style! Get it for yourself with our collection of plus size open front blouses. These stylish, loose-fitting tops will keep you cool while looking totally hot. Whether you're looking for something to wear to the office or for a casual weekend brunch, you're sure to find it here!

Plus size open front blouses for work

A button-down blouse can be awkward and uncomfortable, especially if you're on the busty side. Take control of your look with an open front blouse! Choose a loose-fitting blouse and layer it over a neutral, simple top. To ensure that your look remains polished and professional, play with volume: go for a fitted or pencil skirt, or try a smart pair of business pants. This will keep the lower half of your silhouette sleek for a balanced, smart look.

Taking your plus size open front blouse out on the town

Caftans and kimonos are some of the most popular choices for casual wear. This is a great chance to play with color and print; the loose fit of these blouses makes them ideal for experimenting with bold patterns in a way that still flatters your body. Many of these blouses are made from soft and sheer fabrics, so you can pair them with your favorite tank. For a sexier take on this classic style, choose some plus size accessories, like a lace-trimmed vest top, and let it peek through a sheer blouse. This is a great look for date night — totally classy, but still sure to set pulses racing!

These loose fitting plus size open front blouses are also a great choice for days on the beach. A colorful plus size caftan or kimono can do double duty as a cover-up when you get out of the water. Wear them with one of our cute plus size accessories, like a stylish sun visor, and you'll be all set for sizzling summer style!

Frequently asked questions about our plus size open front blouses for women

How can I wear a loose style of plus size open front blouse without looking shapeless?

This is a common fear, but luckily, it's easy to solve. The key is to always focus on balance in your outfit. That means if you're wearing a loose-fitting top, like one of our open front blouses, you should keep your lower half sleek. Fitted skirts are ideal for the office, and for casual wear, go with skinny or straight legged jeans — or a pair of shorts and bare legs during the summer! If you have an hourglass or pear shaped figure, you could try wearing a belt over your open front blouse to ensure that your waist is still the focal point of your outfit.

What's the best way to wear a buttoned plus size open front blouse if you have a big bust?

This is always tricky! Luckily, open front blouses are a great choice for avoiding the dreaded bust gape. First, you could wear one semi-buttoned and layered over a cute vest top or tank underneath. You can also go for a deliberately loose fitting style rather than a fitted shirt that can cause problems. Finally, try blouses with unusual fastenings, like plus size accessories with snaps or ties. These not only gape less, but they also add some striking visual interest to your outfit.

How can I keep my plus size open front blouse from looking too casual?

Ladies plus size kimonos and caftans can often have a very casual vibe, which is great on a Saturday afternoon, but not so hot on a Monday morning. To keep them smart, wear them with neutral colors, and ensure the rest of your outfit is sleek and has a business style. Don't be tempted to size up — a little volume is great, but too much can look sloppy. For a style that works perfectly in the office, choose colors and prints that are bold but not too bright or neon.

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