Plus Size Bicycle Pants for Women

Plus size bicycle pants for women can be an absolute lifesaver! Wear them at home so that you can lounge in style, slip them on under a summer dress to prevent chafing, or - of course - use them as your exercise pants when you get on your bike! Keep it simple with a plain pair, or choose a bright, funky pattern that's sure to grab attention. However, you want to wear your plus size bike shorts, you'll find plenty of options here.

Plus size bicycle pants for exercise

Looking for a pair of plus size bike shorts for sports? Then you'll need to think practically. Exercise pants should always be made of an appropriate quick dry or moisture wicking fabric. This will mean that even if you're cycling up a storm, you'll manage to avoid feeling uncomfortably damp!

Extra features to look out for will depend on whether you exercise outdoors or hit the stationary bike at a gym. Reflective details are important if you're cycling on the road since they'll keep you visible to drivers, an essential safety detail. Some other features to look out for in plus size accessories include padded seats for comfort in the saddle and zippered pockets for your keys.

Plus size bicycle pants as the perfect lounge shorts

Not feeling sporty? No problem! Plus size bicycle pants also make for great lounge shorts to wear for comfort at home. Choose a pair that is snug around the seat but a bit looser in the legs. This will stop them from digging into your thighs and causing discomfort. As well as stylish details like lace trim, look for cute colors, patterns, and prints. You could even find a pair that matches your favorite lingerie for a lounge outfit that looks chic and sexy!

Frequently asked questions about our plus size bicycle pants for women

Can I use plus size bicycle pants as anti-chafing shorts?

Yes! In summer, it's common to slip on a pair of plus size bicycle pants underneath a dress or skirt. Wear these plus size accessories to keep your thighs from rubbing together on a hot day, saving yourself from both excess sweat and the horrors of chafing. It's better to choose a plain pair of shorts, so they won't show through your skirt and reveal your secret!

How should I wash my plus size bicycle pants?

Be careful if your plus size bicycle shorts are made from a technical fabric. There are usually specific steps you should follow to keep moisture wicking fabrics at their best. Generally, they should not be washed or dried at high temperatures, as this can ruin them. Always consult the garment care label because technical fabrics require special attention! If your shorts have a zippered key pocket, close it up before you wash them, as the zipper can snag and cause holes.

How long should a pair of plus size bicycle pants be?

That depends on what you're wearing them for! Plus size bicycle shorts usually sit somewhere between the mid-thigh and knee. Shorter shorts are better if you're using them to stop chafing, while you might prefer a little more coverage if you're wearing these plus size accessories for lounging. When it comes to sports, it's all down to personal preference. Bear in mind that skin-tight shorts can be uncomfortable on your thighs. You might prefer a slightly looser pair, as they'll be more breathable and won't dig in.

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