The look of jeans paired with the comfort of leggings – sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? With jeggings, this dream is a reality.
Here is our latest styling guide for this fabulous fashion trend.

Find the Right Top

Depending on your figure, pay attention to certain tricks when selecting the perfect top. If you want to hide a small belly, make sure to choose a slightly longer top. Solid fabrics and wide cuts work great, it covers any lumps or bumps. If you want to play off your hips, put on a longer cardigan. Choose a matching shirt, which can easily tuck into the front of your pants. This provides great proportions and distracts you from a problem area. The general rule is: when it comes to jeggings, wear longer tops that cover the hips or bottom. This creates a beautiful silhouette and skillfully flatters your curves.





Tunic Shirt


Magnificent Biodiversity!

Jeggings are not just tight pants in a thick fabric. There also is a trend factor! Here are a few options that are available:

Denim Style

Jeggings in a denim look are a classic, because the word jeggings also includes the word jeans. There are no limits to your creativity here, because just like jeans, almost everything goes with denim jeggings! We find the combination of light colors and blue jeggings is stunning. The white blouse is a hit. Due to the tight fit of jeggings, the top becomes highlight! Maritime stripes or floral tunics are also ideal companions for your jeggings. Feel free to pick up the bright colors of your top in your shoes. If you want it a little more chic, choose light-colored pumps or ankle boots. For a fresh and casual style, we recommend white sneakers.

Courage to Color

Jeggings in expressive colors are super fun. No matter whether they are green, red or yellow – with the right top, outfits with colored jeggings are a real eye-catcher! When choosing the top, make sure to pick up the color of the jeggings in small details. If you wear ruby-red jeggings, a blouse with ruby-red flowers goes perfectly with it. Stripes or checks in the right color are also always a good choice!

Leather Look

Jeggings come in many different looks. One of the most popular is synthetic leather, because leather-look jeggings can create incredibly cool outfits! A great combination option for leather jeggings is a white oversized blouse. The classic style of the white blouse is broken by the leather look, resulting in a cool mix of styles. The oversized blouse with rolled up sleeves and a statement link chain looks on trend. Paired with hip boots or white sneakers you are perfectly styled! Another great combination idea for leather jeggings are chunky knitted sweaters. In muted colors such as anthracite or sand, these look particularly classy. The material mix of the coarse knit and the artificial leather look fantastic when combined! Here, too, we recommend that you style hip boots.

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