Plus Size Slinky Fit Pants for Women

Easy to wear, comfortable, and flattering, plus size slinky pants might just become your new favorite garment! These pants feature an elastic waist that's tummy friendly and can be dressed up or down easily, creating dozens of different looks. The body skimming style looks great on any body shape, making these pants one of the most versatile pieces you can find.

Plus size slinky pants that go with everything

Once you've tried these stylish and ultra comfy plus size slinky pants, you'll want to live in them! Luckily, they're easy to wear for just about every occasion. For everyday style, wear them with a simple tee and a pair of sneakers. You could tuck your shirt in if you want to emphasize your waist or leave it loose for a gentle, skimming style that carefully covers up any problem areas!

Look out for slinky tops in matching colors. These are ideal if you want to look taller. A head-to-toe outfit in one solid color has an elongating effect. Don't think you need to stick with plain black, either! Red and deep blue are wonderful colors worth experimenting with, and both work well no matter the season.

Creating outfits with plus size slinky pants

These versatile slinky pants for plus size women can be used to create all kinds of looks. All you have to do is keep a couple of basic rules in mind. If you'd like to draw attention to your top half, wear a top in a lighter or brighter color than your pants. You could add to the effect with plus size accessories, like a chunky necklace or bold statement earrings. To bring more attention to your legs, do the opposite: go for a darker color top and a lighter pair of pants.

Think about the shoes you're going to wear, too. Plus size slinky pants go well with sneakers for a casual look, and they can also be dressed up with a pair of heels. In summer, a pair of white slinky pants will look great with your favorite sandals. Don't forget to paint your toenails for an effect that's extra cute!

Frequently asked questions about our plus size slinky pants for women

What is the slinky fabric used in plus size slinky pants?

Plus size slinky pants for women are made from a soft knit fabric in lightweight viscose. This material makes them light enough to wear on hot summer days. The soft fabric feels great against the skin and has a subtle sheen. Because the fabric is knit rather than woven, it doesn't crease easily and will stay wrinkle-free, even without ironing!

How should I care for my plus size slinky pants?

One major perk of plus size slinky pants is that they're so easy to care for! Always check the garment care label first, but in general, slinky pants can be put in the washer on a delicate cycle, then hung up to dry. Do not tumble dry viscose, as the material can shrink at high temperatures.

What's the best way to wear plus size slinky pants on formal occasions?

Yes, you can wear your elasticated waist plus size slinky pants to the office or a party! These pants are very versatile, so your finished look will depend completely on what plus size accessories you pair them with. For a more formal style, forget the sneakers and put on a pair of heels. Try a smart blouse or wear a plain top with a sharp blazer in a complementary color.

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