Plus Size Boyfriend Pants for Women

Slouchy and relaxed, plus size boyfriend pants are a great choice for those days when you just want to chill. Wear them with a tee and sneakers for the classic tomboy look, or pair them with a feminine top and a pair of wedges for a style that's sweet but edgy. Whichever way you choose to style them, make boyfriend pants a cornerstone of your closet!

Looking good in plus size boyfriend pants

Plus size boyfriend pants should have a slouchy but not baggy fit. The goal is to look relaxed, not sloppy. Look for a tapered leg and a cut that gently skims over your legs without swamping you in fabric. With this kind of relaxed fit, it's important to pay attention to the details, which will keep you looking polished. Turn up the hems of your boyfriend pants into sharp, crisp cuffs for a bit of instant style.

As these are loose fit pants, you can go for a more fitted style on top. Pair your boyfriend pants with a structured tee or a delicate blouse. Pear shape girls will look great with a blouse tucked into their boyfriend pants, a look that shows off the waist and adds balance to the figure.

Bring edginess to your closet with plus size boyfriend pants

Plus size boyfriend pants give you the chance to play with femininity and masculinity, mixing the two to create a look that's totally your own. Try boyfriend pants in a traditionally masculine fabric. There's denim, of course, but for a really strong look, go for a camo print. A biker jacket makes this style edgier, while a sweet and feminine blouse softens it.

To keep your style from getting too masculine, be sure to follow a few basic rules: choose a pair of boyfriend pants that fit well through the waist and hips so that you don't lose your shape, and keep them cuffed at the hem. As well as giving you a chance to show off some great footwear, this creates a cute, playful effect!

Frequently asked questions about our plus size boyfriend pants for women

What kind of fabric is best for plus size boyfriend pants?

Plus size boyfriend pants can be made of many types of fabric, but they should always have some structure and weight to them. These pants should not be flimsy or drapey. Cotton is a classic choice, as it holds its shape well. For comfort, choose stretch cotton, which contains a small amount of elastane. This is not as stretchy as a knit or jersey fabric, but it is far easier to wear than a normal woven and will slip on comfortably over your hips.

Do plus size boyfriend pants flatter a larger tummy?

Yes - as long as you choose the right pair. Plus size boyfriend pants can look good on apple shape girls. Go for a mid-rise waist that contains some elastane, as that will be more comfortable. Look out for fine details, like top stitch front pockets and a button fly. These will provide some visual interest to the front of your jeans, helping to break up the fabric. This can really work to minimize your midsection.

How high should the waist on a pair of plus size boyfriend pants fit?

This can vary, but plus size boyfriend pants usually have a mid to high-rise waist. This is generally a more flattering style for many body types, although the exact depth of the rise is a matter of personal preference. Higher rises are better at emphasizing the waist, especially if you choose to tuck your top in, but mid-rises are more comfortable and better at minimizing the hips.

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