Plus Size Biker Jackets for Women

The epitome of cool, the classic biker jacket is a staple piece in every fashionista's wardrobe. With all the flair of the iconic Dior alligator jacket but none of the airs and graces, plus size biker jackets will bring out the wild side while also showcasing your best features. Feminine but also delightfully edgy and on-trend, the biker jacket is not reserved for bikers but for all those who are young at heart and confident in their fashion sense. Perfect for daywear and clubwear, these curve-caressing pieces bring out the fearless and fun with only a couple of plus size accessories to help emphasize classic accents like these:

  • Asymmetrical diagonal zippers for easy access
  • Long hem and pocket zippers for a sporty look
  • Lapel collar for a touch of formality
  • Shoulder rivets for a rugged, devil-may-care air

Rock up in style with plus size biker jackets

Just as eye-catching today as when Marlon Brando first wore the iconic Schott Perfecto on-screen, biker jackets are strong, stylish, and sleek. Still flaunting that classic look that stood the test of time, plus size biker jackets can elevate any outfit and add a rebellious edge. There's no telling where the next adventure will take you with one of the gorgeous plus size tank tops worn underneath these jackets, and a fabulous scarf from the plus size accessories collection, jauntily wrapped around your neck.

Frequently asked questions about plus size biker jackets

How do I style my plus size biker jackets?

Plus size biker jackets have the amazing quality of wrapping tightly around the skin and allowing it to breathe. This makes them the ideal choice for year-round comfort and coolness. It also means that they go with literally anything, from plus size midi dresses and wedge sandals to skinnies and sneakers. Toughen up your high-heel clubbing outfit with a gritty looking biker jacket, or tone down a casual office outfit with some stretch jeans and flats. The possibilities are endless, especially since leather jackets come in all rainbow colors. Forget maroon and oxblood. Go for colors that speak to your sense of self. As for cut and style, fuller hips call for waist-length fitted jackets, while muffin tops fade into oblivion with hip-length jackets.

Why does the type of leather matter in plus size biker jackets?

Back when Madonna was first grabbing the headlines with her premium biker jackets, leather garments were handcrafted using only the finest materials. Much of that craftsmanship and eye for quality is lost in today's fashion world, with mass-produced styles flooding the market. To ensure that your plus size leather jacket stands the test of time, select for quality, grade, and finish. Good plus size biker jackets are super soft and crafted from lush real leather, suede, nubuck, or faux leather with high-grade fasteners, studs, and stitching.

How do I wash plus size biker jackets?

As hardwearing as they are by nature, plus size biker jackets need love and care to preserve more of their sheen and softness for longer. Unlike plant-based textiles, leather does not take well to liquids or high temperatures and should never be washed, bleached, ironed, or tumble dried. It's best to avoid getting detergents, soaps, and chemicals of any kind into contact with leather jackets. As for suede biker jackets, gentle care and regular treatment with suede sprays will keep them pristine. Specialist leather cleaning is often the most convenient option, though there are professional-grade leather cleaning products that can also breathe new life into a well-worn leather jacket. This includes creams, brushes, and water repellent sprays that can prevent damage for years and years, making the jacket a worthwhile wardrobe investment.

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