Learning How To Pair Plus Size Tunics With Accessories

Learning to accessorize is a skill that goes well beyond just choosing the right earrings or necklaces to go with your outfit. Many outfits look much better with an added splash of color from an accessory, and simply look bland without it. This is especially true for tunics, as the shirt is usually longer and paired with leggings instead of pants. Finding the right accessory for an outfit that matches your unique style6 can be tough. If you take your time to learn how to pick accessories and look through the selection over at Ulla Popken, you’ll be able to pair your plus size tunics with accessories to match like a pro in no time at all.

Learning the Basics
If you’re mostly unfamiliar with how to choose accessories, let’s go over the basics really quickly. To begin, when wearing a tunic you have a few choices with which you can accessorize. Shoes are always one of the first things to consider since tunics are often worn with boots. With the wide variety of options available there, you should always have a favorite pair or short ankle boots or knee high boots to go along with your tunic. Then, there’s also things like necklaces, scarves, and belts to consider. Beyond that, learning when you should have an accessory and when you shouldn’t is the another factor to consider.

Picking Your Accessories

When you’re wearing a tunic, accessories will depend heavily on the tunic you wear. A bright and colorful tunic may not need any accessory at all. Sometimes a bright and colorful design on the shirt is more than enough color. On the other hand, a solid color tunic calls for a splash of color like nothing else. The easiest way to add to the outfit is with a long flowing necklace or scarf. In the case of tunics, low-hanging necklaces are your best bet as they should hang low enough that the color from the necklace is added on top of the tunic itself, and not above its neckline. Layered necklaces and chains do very well here. As for scarves, you’ll have to be more careful of coloring. Because scarves tend to be more on the colorful side, you’ll need to avoid any clashing colors and shoot for a complimentary color or an accent color that adds to the outfit. Heavily printed scarves can also work, but it’s usually easier to match a solid or two-tone scarf to the tunic color. Going beyond necklaces and scarves, you can also add a belt. Adding a belt is more of a hit-or-miss depending on the style of the tunic, as some don’t lend well to a belt. However, plenty will look great with a belt around your waist, so don’t underestimate it as an option. As with anything else, avoid clashing colors and try to find something that works as a strong accent. If you feel like none of the accessories seem to work for you, you can always try a sweater or poncho, as well. These often add the necessary color to an outfit when an accessory just won’t do the trick.
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