Scarves for Women

Wearing stylish plus size accessories is the perfect way to breathe new life into an outfit. Transform a plain dress or tee, and show off your winning personality! Our scarves, for both winter and summer, add style and pizzazz to our closet. Throw on a scarf, and you'll immediately look more polished. Here's what you'll find in the Ulla Popken scarf collection:

  • Knit scarves
  • Silk scarves
  • Infinity scarves
  • Square scarves

Stay warm with scarves for winter

When temperatures drop, a scarf provides both warmth and style. In winter, knit scarves are the best way to keep your neck cozy, and they come in a variety of colors and patterns. Stripes are a popular choice. You can also look for knit scarves with fun details like fringe or pompom trim. If your winter coat is in a practical dark or neutral tone, then choose a bright, vibrant scarf to add a pop of color to your outfit.

Elegant scarves for summer style

Silk and cotton scarves are ideal for spring or summer. These scarves aren't designed to keep you warm - they're all about style! Knot your scarf in different ways, and you'll instantly revamp your look. A loose knot, leaving a triangular piece of fabric in front, just screams classic Americana. On the other hand, a tighter choker style finish lends an air of Parisian chic. You could also tie your scarf into a knot around your ponytail, using one as a headband, or even tie one to your purse - there are so many choices!

A summer scarf is a great way to pull a simple outfit together, making it instantly more elegant and refined. A standard pair of jeans and a plain tee can be transformed from ordinary to chic, just with the addition of a scarf.

Frequently asked questions about our scarves for women

How can I wear an infinity scarf?

Unlike regular scarves, an infinity scarf consists of a long loop without ends. There are so many ways to wear one. You can loop it once, twice, or even more times around your neck. Wear it as a hood, or you can twist it into a vest. This accessory is one of the most fun to play with. Experiment until you find your favorite way to wear it!

What's the best way to style a printed silk scarf?

Silk scarves often come with bold, interesting patterns in a variety of colors. They're a great way to begin playing with prints if you usually wear solids and don't know where to start. Wear one with a plain top, ideally in a simple color, like black or white. The scarf will add a great touch of color! Try out different ways of knotting it to find a style that you like. You can even wear a scarf loose, totally unknotted - but it's not the best idea on a windy day!

What scarf colors will suit me best?

A scarf is worn close to the face, so it's more important than ever to choose a color that goes with your skin tone. Generally, it's a good idea to go with a scarf that will stand out. If you have pale skin, avoid white, cream, and beige tones - they can make you look washed out. Girls with darker skin should steer clear of black, brown, and navy. Instead, choose a rich color that really pops.

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