Shapewear by ULLA POPKEN

What is shapewear?

Shapewear is worn underneath clothing to achieve the appearance of a flatter, toned, and healthier body type. You can typically choose from a bodysuit, tummy control, leg and thigh control, shapewear cami, panty girdle, waist cincher, and much more. Shapewear hides and smoothes out unwanted lumps or bulges (like a muffin top), giving the appearance of a toned physique.

How does shapewear work?

Excessive flab is essentially compressed by the elastic fabric (typically spandex). The material is typically cut and shaped in a way that tucks everything in, giving you the look of a slimmer figure and silhouette.

When should I use shapewear?

For those looking to reduce back and belly bulge, body slimming wear might be the answer. Say goodbye to creases and bumps! Anyone who wears slim fitting or even casual clothing will also benefit from shapewear because it creates smooth and lean lines. Plus size shapewear is even great for improving posture. Thick shoulder straps and abdominal constriction naturally makes you stand straighter, which makes you look thinner. People of all sizes can experience the benefits of body slimming technology while showing off their stellar style.

What shapewear do I need?

First, think about what areas need smoothing out and how much support you need. You can target your tummy, thighs, hips, and rear or everything at the same time. We offer light, medium, and strong constriction levels. If you just need clean lines for an outfit, go with the lighter options. If you desire a total body transformation, go with the stronger level. Check out our selection of tummy control, full body, hip, and thigh shapewear that’ll get you looking more fabulous in no time!

How should shapewear fit?

Any body slimming apparel needs to feel comfortable. There shouldn’t be any binding or cutting into the skin. To avoid ill-fitting shapewear, it’s important to measure your body first and buy the right size. If it’s digging into your skin or rolling up, then a bigger size is needed. You don’t need the hassle of discomfort and constant readjustments throughout your busy day! On the other hand, if it’s too big, it’ll defeat the purpose by not providing enough support while bunching up uncomfortably. So make sure you carefully try on your new body slimming miracles before getting dressed for the day!
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