Plus Size Bodies for Women

Plus size bodysuits and body stockings are great choices when you want to look your best! From sheer, sexy lace body stockings to practical bodysuits for day to day style, our range of plus size bodies makes choosing what to wear easier than ever! Whether practical or super sexy, these bodies are a great addition to any closet. Our range includes:

  • Plus size bodysuits
  • Plus size shaping bodysuits
  • Plus size body stockings

Plus size bodies for everyday wear

Why choose a plus size bodysuit? They're a great, practical option for your everyday wardrobe, offering a sleeker, smoother silhouette than most blouses and tops. A bodysuit can be tucked effortlessly into your skirt or pants without worrying about creases or crumples. As they are sleek and fitted, they look great with long, flowing skirts or wide legged pants. Bodysuits combine both a top and underwear together in one garment. If you'd like to wear one with tighter fitting pants, look for a seamless style that eliminates VPL for a completely smooth finish.

While a bodysuit is designed to be worn as a top, a plus size shaping bodysuit is a little different. These are a type of lingerie designed to provide curvy figures with uplifting, shaping, and smoothing effects. Often trimmed with lace, shaping bodysuits can be worn under your clothes for a perfect silhouette. Save these plus size accessories for special occasions, or make them part of your everyday style!

Sexy plus size body stockings to get pulses racing

A plus size body stocking is meant to be seen - but only by a very select audience! This racy lingerie style is ideal for treating someone special. Most body stockings are covered with lace. They're a great alternative to other forms of lingerie, as they have a smoothening effect that helps minimize stretch marks and cellulite. Some are just leotard plus size accessories, while others feature full sleeves and legs for an outrageously sexy style!

Frequently asked questions about our plus size bodies for women

Are plus size bodies comfortable? How practical are they for daily wear?

It's the question everyone always asks: what about going to the restroom? Don't worry! Plus size bodysuits have a discreet, comfortable opening at the crotch, usually with snaps. This makes them ultra-practical and easy to wear as part of your regular closet rotation!

How should a plus size bodysuit fit?

Plus size bodies are designed to be worn close to the skin, and they are always made from a stretchy knit fabric that should fit snugly without being uncomfortably tight. If you're used to wearing looser clothes, you might find them awkward at first. If this is the case, consider starting out wearing bodysuits as a kind of undershirt or tank underneath an open front blouse.

How should I wash my plus size body accessories?

All plus size bodies and bodysuits are made from stretchy fabric, but the exact composition differs. Check the care label, but you can generally expect to treat a daily wear bodysuit in the same way as a tee, leggings, and other knit garments. Sheer body stockings require a little more care. They can usually be put in the washer, but not the drier. Treat them in the same way that you treat your pantyhose and stockings. It's a good idea to wash them inside a lingerie bag to prevent the delicate fabric from snagging on a zipper or button.

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