Plus Size Boyfriend Panties for Women

Every woman has her own taste in underwear, but if you're looking for something new, try our plus size boyfriend panties! Super comfortable and easy to wear, these panties give plenty of coverage, so you'll feel more confident. Unlike many of the other styles, they tend not to ride up or bunch up. Just slip them on, forget about them, and feel fresh and cute all day! Here, you'll find:

  • Plus size boyfriend panties
  • Plus size shaping brief panties
  • Plus size boyshorts
  • Plus size hipster panties

Plus size boyfriend panties: the comfortable choice

Plus size boyfriend panties are a great choice for everyday wear. What's the first reason? It's all about comfort. These full-coverage panties are great for any woman who hates feeling exposed. A pair of boyfriend panties has a high cut waist and offers full butt coverage. Sometimes they even extend further down the leg, becoming boyshorts. That means there are no seams cutting across the butt. You can even wear leggings without worrying about VPL!

Some plus size boyfriend panties have a shaping effect, designed to gently pull your tummy in for a smoother, sleeker silhouette. These are ideal to wear under a fitted dress or pencil skirt and are great if you tend to feel self-conscious about your midsection.

Plus size boyfriend panties for full coverage that's still sexy

Can full coverage plus size boyfriend panties be sexy? Of course! Gorgeous lingerie doesn't have to involve thongs. Choose a pair of plus size boyfriend panties with lace trim for a sizzling look. Some have lace panels set at the sides, while others have cheeky lace coverage over the butt. Lace in the rear is a fantastic choice if you don't like to show off too much skin but still want to turn up the heat on date night!

Frequently asked questions about our plus size boyfriend panties for women

What fabric is best for plus size boyfriend panties?

There are two fabrics that make great plus size boyfriend panties: cotton and microfiber. Cotton is soft, breathable, and can help keep you clean, dry, and free from infections. Microfiber is great if you're feeling sporty. This moisture wicking fabric is great for fighting back against sweat and will feel cool and soft against your skin.

How should I take care of my plus size boyfriend panties?

To stop the elastic in your plus size boyfriend panties from stretching out of shape, it's best to wash them at a low temperature. You'll get even better results if you use a mesh bag or lingerie bag. Just slip your panties inside before tossing the bag into the machine. This way, they won't snag on any buttons, zippers, or hooks from your other garments. Doing this is particularly important if you like lace panties, as delicate lace is easily ripped.

How much coverage do plus size boyfriend panties offer?

A standard pair of plus size boyfriend panties has a high rise, sitting at or just below your belly button. They also reach down to cover your butt cheeks completely. Longer pairs extend into legs that may even reach the mid of your thighs, providing some relief from summertime chafing, too. Shaping boyfriend panties always have a high rise and may feel slightly tighter than other pairs. They should not be so tight that they hurt or constrict you, and you should get used to the sensation quickly.

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