Plus Size Halter Bras for Women

You deserve to look and feel sexy, so celebrate your curves with a plus size halter bra! A deliciously different alternative to regular bras, these little numbers create a striking, memorable look with their unusual strap placement. Wear them under your clothes, use them as special lingerie for an unforgettable date, or even let them peek out for an evening look that will set pulses racing!

Spice things up in sizzling plus size halter bralettes

A daring plus size halter bralette is a real winner for special, romantic occasions. Wear yours with matching sexy panties for a look that's dangerously exciting. Want a bit more coverage? Try a sheer lace kimono thrown over the top for a sensual style that won't leave you feeling exposed.

These racy styles show off some serious cleavage and are definitely not for everyday wear. For lingerie that your lucky partner will never forget, look for added details, like fringe, unusual straps, and faux-leather trim!

Plus size halter bras that are made to be seen

The striking strap details around the neckline of plus size halter bras shouldn't be hidden away! If you're bold enough, you can use them as the base of a layered outfit that is unapologetically sexy. Wear a slightly sheer blouse over the top, or choose a top with a neckline that allows the halter-neck detail to be seen. Keep the rest of your look simple with some straight leg pants, and prepare to turn heads wherever you go! This look is a surefire hit when you want to dazzle on a night out.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size halter bras for women

How should I take care of my plus size halter bras?

Lingerie is always delicate, and plus size halter bras are no exception. Wash carefully, following the instructions on the care label. Usually, you should wash your bras on the delicate cycle and put them inside a lingerie bag or mesh bag. If your bra has a hook and eye fastening on the strap, then do it up before putting it into the washer. This will prevent the hooks from catching other items, which is a particular problem if lace is involved.

How much support does a plus size halter bra offer?

This can vary from bra to bra. As a rule, a halter bra will offer more support than a plus size halter bralette, which usually does not have built-in cups. Some halter bras are very supportive with full cups, while others are softer and lighter. Generally speaking, bras with an underwire will provide more support, but they can be less comfortable on the delicate breast tissue. For this reason, many women prefer to go for wire free bras. Ultimately, it's a matter of personal choice.

Are plus size halter bras comfortable to wear?

They certainly can be! If you're looking for a plus size halter bra to wear for a long period of time, choose one with broader straps. Thinner straps can look very sexy, but over the course of a full day, they can start to feel uncomfortable on the back of your neck. Similarly, a bra with a fuller band around the back is usually more comfortable than one with a thinner band. Most plus size halter bras have adjustable straps, just like a normal bra, so you can make sure they're just right for your comfort level.

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