Plus Size Homewear for Women

Yes, you can look cute while you relax at home! The Ulla Popken collection of plus size homewear features tops, pants, jackets, and shorts - everything you need for comfort on the weekend or for nights in. These are so cute you'll want to show them off, so get ready to host plenty of movie nights! Among our selection, you'll find:

  • Plus size lounge tops
  • Plus size lounge jackets
  • Plus size lounge pants
  • Plus size lounge shorts

Plus size homewear that will keep you warm in winter

When the temperature drops, it's easy to retreat back into an ancient college sweatshirt and sweatpants - but there's no need to sacrifice cuteness searching for comfort, as our stylish collection shows. In winter, your perfect plus size homewear might include a long pair of lounge pants. Choose a pair with ribbed cuffs if your climate is particularly chilly. This will keep the wind out. Add a lounge sweater, either in a matching fabric or a complementary color, and you're ready to show off your at-home style!

Layers are another great way of staying warm in winter. Go for a plus size lounge jacket over a comfy stretch camisole. A lace trim cami is a perfect way to add a delicate touch to your loungewear while still staying warm and comfortable.

Plus size homewear to stay cool in summer

What about when it's sizzling outside, and you just want to strip off? Plus size lounge shorts are the way to go, leaving your legs bare to take advantage of any breezes. If you'd prefer to stay a little more covered, go for lounge palazzo pants. These swishy pants give you the coverage you crave while also being cool against the skin.

In summer, you might find that a comfort bra is all you need to go with your plus size lounge shorts. However, in our range of homewear, you'll also find stylish plus size lounge tops and tunics with loose fits for breathability and easy comfort. They're ideal for relaxing at home.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size homewear for women

What fabrics should I look for in plus size homewear?

The golden rule of comfort when it comes to plus size homewear is to always look for knit fabrics. Knit materials stretch easily, so they won't restrict you in any way, unlike woven fabrics that have no natural ease. As it's lightweight, breathable, and absorbs moisture, cotton is always a popular choice - a great call if you're worried about sweating! Viscose is also super light in weight and feels incredibly soft against the skin. In winter, snuggly fleece and velour are ideal for staying warm.

What styles of plus size homewear are best for a larger tummy?

When it comes to plus size homewear, comfort has to come first! Look for lounge pants or lounge shorts with an extra wide waistband. A narrow elasticated waistband can sometimes dig in, causing discomfort. A wider one is gentler on the skin and easier to wear. Try drawstring pants, too. You'll be able to fasten the drawstring according to your own comfort levels, which might change as the day goes on.

How should I take care of my plus size homewear?

Homewear is usually easy to take care of. Most plus size homewear can be washed by machine, but always check the care label. Some fabrics like viscose are better left to dry naturally. If your plus size lounge top or jacket has a zipper, do it up before putting the garment into the washer. Doing this helps prevent the zipper head from snagging or catching your other clothes.

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