Plus Size Bengalin Pants for Women

The chic, timeless fit of a pair of plus size bengaline pants makes them a must have for your closet! These pants can go from day to night for casual to formal occasions. Sleek, practical, and easy to wear, our bengaline pants come in a whole range of colors and prints, so you're sure to find a pair that reflects your personal style.

Plus size bengaline pants for an everyday style

Bengaline pants are fitted, giving you a sleek silhouette. Their flat front makes them a good choice for pear shape girls, as it helps to minimize the hip area. If you have a pear shape or hourglass figure, try wearing high waist bengaline pants with a blouse with some detail at the neckline. This is a great way to balance your figure.

Apple shape girls also look great in bengaline pants. The fitted silhouette will show off your legs, so you can focus on your best features! A great look for apple shapes is a pair of bengaline pants with a long line tunic. This helps to hide your tummy, drawing the eye downward. Choose a pair of pants with an elasticated waistband for more comfort.

Choosing the right style of plus size bengaline pants

While the basic silhouette doesn't change much, bengaline pants have many different finishes, allowing you to create all kinds of looks. A sporty pair might have piping down the side and will look great with an oversized sweatshirt for a casual athleisure style. At the other end of the spectrum, you'll find bengaline pants with pinstripes or checker prints that have a tailored look. They're perfect for the office, worn with a sleek pair of heels and a stylish blouse.

There are also some great plus size bengaline pants for warm weather. These are often cropped and come in a range of summery colors. Wear them with your favorite pair of sandals for a look that's a little more polished than your standard jeans or shorts.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size bengaline pants for women

What kind of fabric are plus size bengaline pants made of?

When bengaline was first invented, this fabric was a blend of cotton and viscose, designed to look, feel, and behave like silk. However, this has changed over time. Nowadays, plus size bengaline pants are always made from a blend of fabrics, but the exact blend can vary. Cotton, viscose, and polyester are all common elements. Most bengaline pants contain some lycra, too, which gives a bit of stretch. This doesn't have as much stretch as a knit fabric, but it makes the pants more comfortable than a standard woven pair.

How should a good pair of plus size bengaline pants fit me?

Plus size bengaline pants should be fitted but not tight, creating a silhouette that's about halfway between straight leg pants and skinny jeans. A good pair will fit fairly closely at the hip and skim the rest of your legs. Sometimes, they also have a close fit in the thigh before skimming the calf area. Size can vary, from full to capri length.

How can I take care of my plus size bengaline pants?

To keep your plus size bengaline pants looking their best, always follow the care instructions on the label. As the exact composition of bengaline can vary, so can the care instructions. Generally, they should be washed at a cool temperature and are better air dried rather than put in the machine. High temperatures can damage the fabric. Bengaline fabric may not respond well to ironing. If it must be ironed, use a low temperature, and do it carefully!

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