Plus Size Marlene Fit Pants for Women

Breezy, long, and flattering, plus size Marlene fit pants are a loose-fitting garment adored for their comfort and style. With their curve-hugging high waist and loose low hemline that ends just below the ankle, they elongate the legs and help create the coveted A-line look, hiding any unwanted features. Bringing a dash of elegance to any occasion, plus size Marlene fit pants come in many attractive styles to enhance any look:

  • Wide leg linen pants for balmy summer days
  • Front-creased office pants that stand firm and fearless
  • Elastic waist pants that rein in the curves
  • Heavyweight knit pants that realign the physique
  • Pocketless pants for a flawless outline
  • Light stretch pants for comfort

Plus size Marlene fit pants for a dash of chic

Closely fitted around the waist and draping towards the ankle, plus size Marlene fit pants were first worn by the iconic Marlene Dietrich. She rocked the androgynous style, which was then reserved for her male counterparts, and made it her own. A century later, the fashion-forward ladies of today carry on her legacy with high-waist, wide-leg pants that are just as chic today as they were then. Not only are plus size Marlene fit pants clever at concealing the thighs and tummy, but they are also capable of giving the illusion of longer and slimmer legs.

Accentuating the waist with belts and ribbons, Marlene pants look their most alluring with figure-hugging plus size blouses, but they can go equally well with loose cut plus size knit tops and tees. It's easy to emphasize the legs further and make them look even longer with stilettos, wedge sandals, and high-heeled ankle boots.

Frequently asked questions about plus size Marlene fit pants

How do I style my plus size Marlene fit pants?

Plus size Marlene fit pants are as versatile as they are flowy. Made of light and draping fabrics like linen, jersey, cotton, viscose, and lyocell in a variety of styles, Ulla Popken plus size Marlene pants are designed to complement any look. Perfectly paired with plus size tank tops, our linen and jersey pants come in neutral, monochrome colors, while our viscose pants featuring floral and tropical themes go best with blouses, sheer tulle vests, crinkle silk scarfs, and other Ulla Popken accessories. Likewise, formal Marlene pants look the part with linen blend plus size blazers and pumps.

How do I wash plus size Marlene fit pants?

Plus size Marlene pants are especially delicate when wet and may require dry-cleaning. However, buying good quality clothes from a reputable retailer like Ulla Popken means they will last longer and wash better than similar pants on the market. As a rule, Marlene pants should be washed in lukewarm water, with mild detergent, and on a gentle cycle, without overcrowding the tub to avoid twisting and stretching. Handwashing is also an option, but it's not recommended to twist, swish, or scrub the fabric. Clothespins may stretch the fabric or leave marks that can be ironed out if the fabric is still slightly damp before ironing.

Why does the style matter in plus size Marlene fit pants?

The choice of Marlene fit pants will determine the top, shoes, and plus size accessories best worn for the occasion. For instance, extra-long, wide, and droopy Marlene pants risk covering the shoes. Pairing the pants with oversized T-shirts and long tunics can draw attention away from the waist and back to the hips. Finally, poofy vests and long blazers do away with the attractive A-line shape Marlene pants are loved for. Instead, plus size Marlene fit pants work best with tops that accentuate the waistline, high-heeled shoes that allow low hems to flow freely, and dainty accessories that reinforce their classic beauty.

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