Plus Size Skinny Fit Pants for Women

Super versatile and sleek, plus size skinny fit pants bring out the best in curves. From cigarette cut denims, also known as skinny jeans, to leather look elastic waist pants, these Ulla Popken plus size skinnies want nothing more than to impress. The most flattering contemporary skinny fit pants come with on-trend accents like diamante studs, leathery sheen, and a dash of stretch to elevate classic skinny pants and bring them comfortably into the age of curvaceous confidence. Here are some of this season's must-have Ulla Popken plus size skinny styles:

  • Fade effect, bootcut and ornate diamante skinny jeans and stretch denims
  • Elastic waist leather look pants
  • Slim leg cuffed pants
  • Wide leg silhouette jeans

Plus size skinny fit pants for day-to-night style

Versatile and flattering in equal measure, plus size skinny fit pants are a must-have for every fashionista's wardrobe. They can be worn as casual or formal wear, depending on how they are styled. Whatever the season, the occasion, or the hour, these pants are there to sort out day-to-night style with a catwalk-worthy look. Match those all-black cotton skinnies for the office with a plus size blazer and an embroidered scarf from the plus size accessories line. Wear those cuffed stretch jeans under a frilly vest at the shops. Paint the town red with a pair of leather look skinnies and one of this season's open-front Ulla Popken plus size jackets. For off-duty chic, try a tie-waist jacket over a little linen piece from the plus size blouses collection.

Frequently asked questions about plus size skinny fit pants

How do I style my plus size skinny fit pants?

Skintight pants don't need much styling. Just about anything goes with plus size skinny fit pants, but there are a few easy ways to bring out the best features. A smooth front with a hidden zipper calls for a flowy shirt and a long blazer, while faux leather skinnies can be toned down with an oversized tee and a pair of boots. There's no shortage of plus size knit tops and tees that would complement a casual look. Together with wide leg or cuffed pants and a pair of comfy sneakers, mules, or wedge sandals, these must-have pieces are bound to complete a casual look.

Why does the style matter in plus size skinny fit pants?

Skinnies are a ladies' favorite and have been for over 2 decades, maybe because they are so comfortable and effortless. Trends may come and go, and styles may evolve, but plus size skinny fit pants are here to stay for the simple fact that they are extremely flattering. A well-coordinated outfit should feature not just the skinnies, the shirt, and the jacket, but also on-trend plus size accessories like stretch visors, infinity scarves, shirttail extensions, shirt collar dickeys, and headbands. There are plus size accessories to suit all styles of skinny fit pants.

How do I wash plus size skinny fit pants?

Ulla Popken plus size skinny fit pants are durable, thanks to their high quality, but the type of fabric will also determine longevity. It's best to avoid long and hard wash cycles with skinny fit pants, and when in doubt, stick with a quick, cold cycle. Handwashing is an option, though it comes with a risk of warping and twisting through wringing. Ironing is always welcome, but only on the lowest setting available and without steam. Most skinny fit pants don't even need ironing, which is a plus! As for bleaching, tumble drying, and dry cleaning, they're not recommended for any of the natural, synthetic, and semi-synthetic pants in the latest collection, except for a handful of styles.

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