Plus Size Trend Pants for Women

Fashion lovers unite! Plus size trend pants vary from season to season, but they let you show that you're permanently in style. Curvy girls can rock the trendiest pants, just like everyone else. From slim-fit jeggings to wide-legged palazzo pants, trend pants might change, but they're always fun for experimenting with fashion. Some pants you'll find in this plus size accessories section include:

  • Plus size pants with bold prints
  • Plus size slim leg pants
  • Plus size straight leg pants
  • Plus size sporty pants

Choosing plus size trend pants that fit and flatter

Trend pants for plus-size women change each season, but the basic fashion rules always stay the same! When choosing a pair of pants, think first about your individual body shape. Every curvy body is different, after all.

Pear shapes and hourglass figures tend to look good in straight-legged pants, which provide balance for broad hips. However, if you've got an apple shape, show off your legs with slim-legged pants. Apple shapes should also experiment with high-waisted trend pants, which can minimize midsections.

Building an outfit with plus size trend pants

Going for bold, patterned plus size trend pants makes a serious statement! Keep it simple by pairing print pants with a solid-colored top. Either choose a complementary color, or try matching your top to one of the colors in the pattern of your pants for a more elegant style. Add a sleek blazer, and you've got yourself an outfit that can go from casual meet and greets to smart functions without any problems!

A cute tank is another great partner for bold pants. To emphasize your waist, tuck it in. And for those days when you want a bit more coverage, go for a longer tunic style length.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size trend pants for women

How can I bring bold, patterned plus size trend pants into my wardrobe?

If you're used to always wearing neutral pants, then going for something more dramatic can be scary! Remember the golden rule: balance bold style pants with a simple top. Simple doesn't have to mean boring. Choose a lace trimmed silky tank, a flowing blouse, or a v-neck top that shows a hint of cleavage. A top in a neutral color, like white or black, is a great way to start. As you get more confident with your plus size trend pants, you can play around with bolder styles and other plus size accessories!

How should I care for my plus size trend pants?

Always check the garment care label before you wash new clothes. Our plus size pants are made from different fabrics, so the exact care instructions will vary. Many plus size trend pants are boldly colored or patterned, so it's important not to let the colors run in the wash. To keep them from looking faded and worn, wash them with similar colored garments and use color catcher sheets. Turn boldly colored pants inside out before washing them. This will help to keep the color fresher for longer.

How can I find plus size trend pants that are comfortable to wear?

Fashion doesn't have to mean discomfort! One of the simplest ways to feel good all day long is by choosing plus size trend pants with an elasticated waist or in a knit fabric. These plus size accessories stretch with your body, so there's no need to worry about a waistband digging in. Many of our trend pants also come with all those important pockets - a must for daily comfort and convenience!

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