Plus Size Nightgowns for Women

Look chic even while you sleep with a plus size nightgown! The Ulla Popken selection of nightgowns for plus-size women includes everything from practical oversized tees to sexy negligees - and they're all soft, comfortable, and ideal for getting your sleep on. Here's what you can find in our collection of nighttime plus size accessories:

  • Plus size stretch nightgowns
  • Plus size sleep tees
  • Plus size negligées
  • Plus size lace nightgowns

Plus size nightgowns for lounging in style

The perfect plus size nightgown can be worn to bed, of course, but it's also useful for loungewear. Look for plus size accessories in a style that skims over your body without being too loose or too clingy. While baggy sleep shirts can seem like a practical choice, they can actually be hard to move in if they're too big. For loungewear, cute details can make all the difference. An adorable print, a hint of lace, unusual spaghetti straps, and ties can all elevate your nightie into something you'll be happy to wear in front of the entire family!

Nighttime comfort in a plus size nightgown

Choose a plus size nightgown made from a soft, knit fabric for ultimate comfort while you sleep. A breathable fabric, such as cotton, is particularly useful if you live in a warm climate or tend to feel the heat at night. On the other hand, girls in a cold climate might favor a button-down shirt-style nightgown. These tend to be warmer, giving you a little more of that all-important bedtime coziness! If you're busty, and you feel uncomfortable shifting around at night, try a wirefree comfort bra under your nightgown. This will give you just enough support to hold everything in place while you sleep.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size nightgowns for women

What style of plus size nightgown will give me the best night's sleep?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to bedtime, but if you're struggling to doze off, here are a few tips that might help. Choose a plus size nightgown that fits loosely without being too baggy. It shouldn't dig in anywhere, but don't let it swamp you - that's a recipe for getting tangled up! Look for soft, seamless details with nothing that will bother you while you sleep. Buttons, ties, and itchy lace can all irritate at night, so look for a simple nightgown for a better night's sleep.

How can I feel sexy in a plus size nightgown?

Sometimes, it can be fun to have an audience for our plus size sleepwear! A good nightgown gently skims over any problem areas, flattering your figure. Lace details or shorter hemlines can make you feel confident and sexy, while a nightgown with a v neckline will emphasize your bust. Try a style with an elasticated waist. Unlike a classic sleep tee, this will give your figure more definition. Remember, you can always wear your favorite sexy lingerie under your nightgown for uplift and definition.

What are the best fabrics for a plus size nightgown?

Nobody likes sweating at night! To stop that, choose plant-based fibers, like cotton or viscose. These are a lot cooler against the skin than synthetic materials like polyester. Knit fabrics tend to be a good idea, especially if you tend to move around at night, as they stretch with your body. They usually have a small amount of elastane added for comfort. Be very careful wearing totally synthetic fibers to bed, as they can present a major risk in the event of a fire. Natural fibers will be both more comfortable and safer.

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