Plus Size Stockings for Women

Slip into a pair of silky plus size stockings to feel sexy and feminine! The classic alternative to pantyhose, stockings are a daring choice for special occasions. There's nothing like a pair of silky thigh highs to bring out your bold side! These days, stockings are not usually a day-to-day choice, but they're perfect for special events: weddings, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and more.

Choosing the perfect pair of plus size stockings

Stockings are a classic choice that will always be synonymous with femininity! Most stockings are available in two colors, nude or black, with varying levels of sheerness. Black is ideal for fancy date nights when you want to look like a femme fatale, while nude is the choice for weddings or special daytime events.

You can check the sheerness of plus size stockings by looking at their denier rating. The lower the number, the sheerer the stockings. Sheer stockings are a daring choice, but watch out! They're more likely to snag or ladder than their opaque cousins, so handle them with care.

Styling your plus size stockings to maximize sexiness

These days, most lace thigh high stockings are designed to stay up on their own without needing a traditional garter belt. They usually have a layer of rubber on the inside, covered by a thick lace band that will hold them in place on your thighs. You'll want to keep that lace covered up for a daytime event. Wear your stockings under a dress, and they'll be your sexy secret!

For date night fun, pair your stockings with some sexy lingerie that's sure to set pulses racing. Don't want to bare it all? Wear your plus size stockings with a lace negligée. This way, you'll be totally sexy while still leaving something to the imagination!

Frequently asked questions about our plus size stockings for women

How should I take care of my plus size stockings?

Plus size stockings can usually be washed on a regular cycle. It's a good idea to put them into a lingerie bag; otherwise, the delicate fabric can snag on zippers or buttons on your other clothes. Not all stockings are suitable for the dryer, so check the care label first. In particular, thigh highs with an internal rubber grip usually cannot be machine dried.

How can I keep my plus size stockings looking good for longer?

Sheer, flimsy plus size stockings can ladder easily, so always treat them with care. Be sure to keep your toenails well-trimmed - your stockings can easily snag on a nail while you're pulling them on. You can also look for stockings with an extra layer of fabric to reinforce the toe, which are a great choice if you plan to wear them all day long. If you do get a hole, dab it with a tiny dot of clear nail varnish. This won't fix the problem, but it will prevent a giant ladder from forming and making things worse.

How can I keep thigh high plus size stockings from sliding down?

Sometimes, the layer of rubber in a pair of plus size stockings isn't quite enough to keep them up. Moisture is the enemy here, so don't apply moisturizer when you get out of the shower. Instead, lightly dust your thighs with a thin layer of talcum powder. This gives a little extra grip, so the rubber band will have something to cling to. Some thigh high enthusiasts swear that spraying their stockings with a small amount of hairspray helps, too!

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