Plus Size Ponchos for Women

When winter arrives, a plus size poncho can be a stylish alternative to a coat. Easy to wear, the poncho creates a unique silhouette and flatters a curvy midsection. As warm and cozy plus size accessories, ponchos are a fun and quirky way to show your unique sense of style while fighting the chill of winter!

Get winter style with a plus size poncho

A plus size poncho is essentially a wearable blanket - and yes, it's just as snuggly as it sounds! Unlike a structured coat, it won't dig in or gape, so it's incredibly comfortable to wear. Plus, it's ultra forgiving after you've been feasting on holiday cookies! While classic ponchos don't have sleeves, some modern styles incorporate them. This changes the silhouette of the poncho, but it does add some convenience, making it easier to carry a shoulder bag.

A poncho brings a lot of volume to your top half, so it's important to create a balance. Slim fit pants go extremely well with ponchos. For real winter style, finish the look with a pair of knee high boots and a cozy beanie hat.

Creating elegant looks with a plus size poncho

Plus size ponchos are cozy, warm, and fun - but they can also be incredibly chic to wear! Choose a poncho made of luxurious fibers like wool, merino blends, or even cashmere. Look for one with interesting details. That could be an unusual trim at the corners or perhaps an asymmetric hemline. For a dramatic style, go for a poncho in a rich color, such as plum, deep green, or royal blue. Add plus size accessories in complementary colors or, for a more polished look, in matching tones.

If you really want to stand out, try belting your poncho at the waist. This is a good look if you have an hourglass or pear-shaped figure, and it will give more structure to your silhouette. Because a poncho brings so much drama, keep things simple on the bottom half: just add a pair of your favorite jeans, and you're ready to go.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size ponchos for women

Is a plus size poncho enough to keep me warm on a cold day?

One of the best things about plus size ponchos is that they are great for creating layered looks that will keep you warm in winter. They might not be enough for total warmth on cold days, especially if the wind is high. Layer your poncho over a sweater for complete comfort at the height of winter.

How should I care for my plus size poncho?

Ponchos are usually knit garments. Care instructions for these plus size accessories will vary depending on the fiber. Animal fibers like wool, cashmere, and merino generally have special requirements and should not be washed at high temperatures due to the possibility of felting. Some other fibers, such as viscose blends, are a little easier to care for. Check carefully. Many plus size ponchos cannot be put in the drier, as high temperatures can cause the knit fabric to shrink.

Can I wear plus size ponchos outside of winter?

Yes. As ponchos are so good for layering, they can be used to add a little extra warmth to your style in fall or spring. Choose a lightweight poncho for transitional looks, and wear it as the top layer of your outfit. A poncho is easy to take off and put on during the day, as the weather changes. They take up less space than a coat, so if the sun comes out, you can easily slip one in your bag and carry it until things get chilly again.

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