Plus Size Roll Neck Sweater for Women

Snuggle up in a cozy plus size roll neck sweater! These extra-warm sweaters are ideal for chilly days. Choose a thin one that will fit closely to your body, or go for one that's big and warm - it's like a hug that you can wear. Whether you're lounging on the sofa at home or doing some work in the office, these sweaters are just what you need.

Choosing the perfect plus size roll neck sweater for you

Your plus size roll neck sweater will be very close to your face, so it's more important than ever to choose a color that suits you. This will mean thinking about your skin tone, eyes, hair, and the makeup you tend to wear. If you have pale skin, avoid black or white, as both can make you look washed out. Experiment with different shades to find a color that really pops against your face.

Think about your body shape, too. Girls with an hourglass figure will look good in a more fitted sweater that sits close to the body. A big, baggy sweater can drown you. If you have an apple shape, you might want to choose a looser-fitting sweater. Wear it with slim-fitting pants for a stylish, flattering look.

Stay warm and look hot with plus size roll neck sweaters

Yes, baggy sweaters can still be fashionable and cute! When you're wearing a big plus size roll neck sweater, it's important to think about volume. Keep things fitted on your lower half for a sleeker silhouette. If you're nervous about how you'll look in a large sweater, try going for a layered style. Choose a sweater with shorter sleeves and wear it over your favorite blouse and one or two well-chosen plus size accessories. This will give you a chance to play with color and prints, too.

A thick roll neck sweater won't need a jacket, but a thinner one looks great worn under a blazer. This style of jacket also really helps make your sweater suitable for the office. Add a fitted skirt and a pair of court shoes for corporate chic. The high neck makes a serious statement by itself, so keep your jewelry and accessories to a minimum.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size roll neck sweaters for women

What fabric is best for a plus size roll neck sweater?

Plus size roll neck sweaters are made from knit fabric, which will stretch to fit your body comfortably. The fiber used can vary: most sweaters are made from a blend of two or more fibers. Wool is warm and cozy, but it can be too hot to wear comfortably on its own. You might prefer to look for a wool blend. Viscose is cooler and lightweight, making it ideal for a thinner sweater that you can wear as part of a layered look. Synthetic fibers like acrylic or polyester are long-lasting, practical options for everyday wear.

How should I wash my plus size roll neck sweaters?

This will depend on the fabric content of your plus size roll neck sweater. Always check the garment care label, as some fibers may need special treatment. One useful tip is to fold, rather than hang, your sweater. Knit fabrics can stretch out of shape when left to hang. This is especially important if you have a bulky sweater - the heaviness of the fabric means it can easily become distorted.

How can I keep my plus size roll neck sweaters from pilling?

Knit fabrics can often develop pills from friction, particularly along the sides and under the arms. To avoid this, turn your plus size roll neck sweater inside out before washing it. If pills have formed, take a fabric comb and carefully brush them off your sweater.

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