Plus Size Sweatshirts for Women - for a multitude of styling choices

Among the most popular tops when it comes to casual and sporty styles are plus size sweatshirts for women. Initially only meant for sports and physical activities, plus size sweatshirts soon became beloved for their high comfort and fashionable designs. Whether as a classic plus size crewneck or V-neck sweatshirt, or with an attached hood as a plus size hoodie - at Ulla Popken, we carry a wide variety of sweatshirts in different cuts, colors, and fabrics:

•    Plus size tie dye sweatshirts, sweatsuits & hoodies
•    Plus size tunic sweatshirts
•    Plus size crop hoodies
•    Plus size oversized sweatshirts & hoodies

The versatility of plus size sweatshirts for women

Do you want to hit the gym in a trendy plus size sweatshirt? Or do you prefer to enjoy a relaxing day at home in a cute plus size hoodie or sweatshirt? These pieces are extremely versatile and shouldn’t be missing from any wardrobe. The same plus size zip up hoodie you use to go biking can at another day be worn to style an urban look with some sneakers and plus size jeans for women.

In this vein, many plus size graphic hoodies and sweatshirts sport a loose cut that is perfect to lounge in or to use as a fashion statement for trendy outfit combinations. Nonetheless, if you are looking for designs that evoke a sporty character, you’ll find plenty of fashionable choices for plus size lightweight hoodies and sweatshirts in our store. Combined with some yoga pants or plus size leggings for women you’ll be ready for any exercise.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size sweatshirts for women

How do I wear my plus size sweatshirt for women?

Sweatshirts are easy to combine with other pieces to create a casual flair. A women’s plus size zip up hoodie looks great with some comfy jeans or plus size skinny pants and a pair of sneakers. For a touch of sass, wear a plus size long hoodie or sweatshirt as a dress with some thigh-high boots.

Nonetheless, you can also go for a more elegant style as well. Pair your simple plus size black or white sweatshirt with a chic plus size coat for women or a blazer and matching form-fitting leggings for a sophisticated touch.

How do I wash a plus size sweatshirt?

Both, plus size hooded sweatshirts as well as those without a hood are generally fit for the washer. Still, it’s best to make sure first, by checking their care label. Cotton and cotton-blend sweatshirts are machine washable, ones made of wool should be brought to professional dry cleaners instead.

1.    Zip up any zippers and turn the sweatshirt inside out, pulling out the arms. Make sure to pull the hood out as well, if you have a plus size women’s hooded sweatshirt.
2.    Wash it with similar colors – a plus size black hoodie should go with darker hues, whereas a plus size pink sweatshirt for example should only be washed together with light red colors.
3.    Use cold water and mild detergent on a delicate cycle to ensure that the material does not get damaged.

What’s the difference between plus size sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweatshirt jackets?

Plus size hoodies for women are basically just sweatshirts with an attached hood. Plus size sweatshirt jackets are different as they have an open front which can be closed with zippers, buttons or hooks, instead of being worn over the head like a sweatshirt.

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