Plus Size Sweatshirt Jackets for Women

Slip into stylish sweatshirts and let the imagination loose. With cozy zip-up, snap-on, and buttoned styles designed for everyday comfort, it's easy to master this year's casual trends at home, out on the town, and even at work. Complete that perfect sporty look with classic fleeces and slogan hoodies, or give your laidback look a classy twist with tunic sweatshirts, kimono-style robes, and slogan sweatshirt jackets designed to impress. Ready to cross over into the realm of blazers and knit jackets, there's no look that clever plus size sweatshirt jackets won't pull off for curvy ladies who don't sweat the small stuff. Here are a few must-have styles:

  • Curve-hugging zipped hoodies that let the skin breathe
  • Low hem tunic sweatshirts for that coveted A-line look
  • Stretch knit jackets for those who work out smarter, not harder
  • Quilt accent fleece jackets for the active and seductive

Think big with plus size sweatshirt jackets

Brunch to breakfast, plus size sweatshirt jackets are there around the clock, in snug comfort and uplifting style. With colorways, cuts, and patterns that catch the eye but don't play up the curves, it's easy to confidently go about the day in these light but stretchy jackets. Layer up with plus size tank tops. Make activewear work for you with a no-nonsense sweatshirt. Wear it under a leather jacket on a night out. Or better yet, enjoy breezy summer strolls at dusk with plus size accessories and cable knit sweaters available in almost every colorway under the sun. Sporty types will suit stylish plus size tracksuit hoodies and slogan sweatshirts.

Frequently asked questions about plus size sweatshirt jackets

How do I style my plus size sweatshirt jackets?

A good-quality sweater jacket will have breathability. But there's no reason to trade comfort for charm, and plus size sweatshirt jackets have the best of both worlds. Button up that knit stretch sweatshirt and enjoy an outing in high heel shoes or zip up that hoodie for a quick jog. That tunic sweatshirt can be just as stunning with a pair of plus size jeggings than with denim pants. However, it's a kimono-style sweatshirt coupled with plus size accessories that truly elevates a jeans and sneakers outfit.

Why does the type of fabric matter in plus size sweatshirt jackets?

It wouldn't be a sweatshirt jacket if it weren't skin-friendly, breathable, and light. But not all sweatshirts are made equal. Plus size sweatshirt jackets of the season include cotton tunics, sweatshirts, and track tops: something to keep you warm for every activity. As for teddy fleece jackets, they come with premium quality overlays, piping, reflective detail, and many other innovative accents that speak to the versatility of this snug and soft synthetic garment.

How do I wash plus size sweatshirt jackets?

Sweatshirt jackets are designed to withstand the body at its fiercest, but there is only so much tough love it can take. It's not hard to extend the life of plus size sweatshirt jackets and enjoy them for longer. Garment labels feature all the necessary information, so it's best to check these before a wash. Regardless of the label, cotton fibers and polyester generally live longer if washed on a cold and gentle cycle. There is no need to bleach, dry clean, or tumble dry a sweatshirt jacket, though cotton ones can withstand a little ironing on a low setting. These simple rules will help the sweatshirt keep its shape, prevent shrinkage and warping, and make colors keep their vibrancy for however long it stays a favorite wardrobe piece.

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