Plus Size Bathrobes for Women

After taking a relaxing bath or shower there is hardly a better feeling than cuddling up in a comfy plus size bathrobe for women. The soft and fluffy plus size bath robes at Ulla Popken help to get you going during lazy mornings or lead your way to the comfort of your bed every evening. In our selection you will find plus size robes for women made of different materials, in varying designs.

The right plus size bathrobe for women to fulfill your needs

We have the right bathrobe for every taste. First, you should pick a material that you feel comfortable in:

•    Plus Size Plush Robe: even though the material is very soft, it tends to get heavy when soaking in water
•    Plus Size Terrycloth Robe: the absolute classic when it comes to bathrobes, fluffy and highly absorbent
•    Plus Size Waffle Robe: a very absorbent fabric, which dries quickly. 
•    Plus Size Fleece Robe: light material which warms the body, drying quickly. 
•    Plus Size Satin Robe: feels cool to the touch, but is non-absorbent
•    Plus Size Silk Robe: highly absorbent, warms up with body heat 
Next to the choice of the right material, there are a few stylistic picks which ensure that you find the best plus size robe for your preference. On the one hand, shorter bathrobes are ideal if your stature is small or if you are looking for a summer robe for the pool or beach. On the other hand, a plus size long robe is perfect if you are tall or need a bathrobe to keep you warm during winter.

If your hair takes longer to dry, a plus size hooded robe will protect you from catching a cold after taking a plunge into the water. A plus size zipper robe is a great choice if you want to ensure that your bathrobe doesn’t accidentally open once the belt slips away.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size bathrobes for women

Why should I wear a plus size bathrobe for women?

What makes a plus-size fashion bathrobe lounge-ready?

•    Combined with a pair of slippers, it keeps you warm on your way to the bathroom after waking up.
•    Wearing one preserves that cozy feeling after a relaxing bath.
•    You don’t have to immediately wear clothes after taking a shower or bath.
•    You could wear it spa style during a vacation or above your plus size swimwear for women when going to the pool.

What makes a good plus size bathrobe for women?

You will notice if you have found the right bathrobe once you do not want to take it off anymore. Wear it as a plus size housecoat above your plus size sleepwear for women. A good bathrobe combines the properties of your favorite towel with the comfort of fluffy fabrics which feel pleasant on the skin. The classic plus size cotton robe combines form with function, whereas plus size kimono and silk robes give you a luxurious feeling. 

What fabric should I choose for my plus size women’s bathrobe?

If you haven’t found a favorite fabric yet, it’s best to opt for a plus size cotton robe. Women’s plus size cotton robes are highly absorbent and very soft. Thus, you will feel comfortable while the robe soaks in the moisture on your skin, preparing you to gently jump into your plus size pajamas for women for a good night of sweet dreams.

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