Plus size sleepwear – maximum comfort for your dreams

After a long and arduous day, there is barely a better feeling than slipping right into some comfortable plus size sleepwear for women to greet the night. From light plus size sleep shirts and plus size sleeveless nightgowns in summer, over warm plus size pajamas in winter, to sexy plus size sleepwear for special nights – here at Ulla Popken, you’ll find a great selection of plus size sleepwear for any season!

Get a good night’s sleep with plus size sleepwear

Similarly to plus size loungewear for women, sleepwear is designed to provide you comfort and ensure that you neither freeze nor feel to hot during the night. In fact, you can easily wear your favorite set of cuddly plus size sleepwear as loungewear, enjoying relaxing mornings on the couch during lazy weekends in your favorite plus size pjs. In our online shop, you can pick from different designs, fabrics, and cuts, depending on your preferences

Plus size pajama sets are perhaps the most popular choice of sleepwear for many, ranging from cute to sexy plus size pajamas for women. These plus size pj sets combine comfy plus size pajama pants and a long or short-sleeved top, providing you with everything needed to enjoy some rest in your bed. Browse through a broad selection of different fabrics to find your favorite, among them:

•    Plus size silk pajamas
•    Plus size satin pajamas
•    Plus size cotton pajamas

Plus size nightgowns offer a one-piece alternative to pajamas and are just the pick for you if you are searching for romantic nightwear in plus sizes. Using light and breathable materials, a plus size cotton nightgown covers your body while allowing enough air to circulate for the perfect mix between soft and warm fabrics that nonetheless keep you cool. If you are looking for plus size sexy nightgowns, then a plus size satin babydoll nightgown is a great choice for romantic nights. Alternatively, plus size negligees are quite similar, albeit usually made of sheer fabrics and trimmed with lace.
Plus size sleep tees are basically like t-shirts in the length of a dress, reaching down to your kneecaps. Choose between simple monochrome designs, multicolored plus size women’s sleepwear or cute prints. For a bit of extra warmth you can wear some plus size sleep shorts underneath your tee.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size sleepwear

What kind of sleepwear is best for which season?

•    Winter: Pick a warm plus size flannel or terrycloth nightgown to keep in warmth in cuddly materials. A plus size Christmas pajama brings you into the festive spirit!
•    Summer: Choose a flowy plus size sleepshirt with plus size sleep shorts made of rayon or jersey. These fabrics are elastic and breathable, making them the perfect choice for hot days.
•    Spring and Fall: At times warm, then cold, then windy or rainy – it’s best to pick plus size women’s sleepwear made of cotton, as it is pleasant to the skin and absorbs excess sweat. 

How frequently should I change plus size sleepwear?

During sleep, we usually sweat quite a bit, especially during summer. The majority of sleepwear is made of absorbent fabrics that soak in our sweat. Therefore, it is also important to regularly change your plus size sleepwear every 3 to 4 days.

Should I wear something underneath my plus size sleepwear?

Generally speaking there is no need to wear something underneath your plus size sleepwear. The preferred fabrics like cotton are skin-friendly and thus do not warrant underwear. The lack of lingerie helps to ventilate your private parts, preventing infections. 

However, if you prefer to wear something underneath, light pants and wireless bras are best as they do not pinch your skin during sleep

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