Plus size night shirts for comfortable sleep and sweet dreams

Do you like the comfort of a t-shirt and would prefer to just wear it to sleep as well? Then our plus size night shirts are perfect for you! They use soft and skin-friendly fabrics to ensure that you feel nice in them throughout the night. Next to that, they have the perfect fit for curvy women, swirling around your thighs and hips

Discover the large selection of plus size night tops at Ulla Popken in varying sizes, fits, colors and patterns, as well as fabrics to find the best plus size night shirt for you!

Plus size women’s sleep shirts: for relaxed evenings and restful nights

Women’s plus size night shirts are basically like oversized plus size t-shirts for women when it comes to their cut. They reach roughly to your thighs or kneecaps, theoretically making bottoms obsolete. Of course you can nonetheless still wear cushy shorts underneath your sleep tee. Many sleep shirts in plus size also feature slits on each side to provide you more freedom of movement which makes it easier to find just the right position to fall asleep in. Pick between short and long sleeves for your night shirt in plus size regarding to choose the perfect shirt for your dreams!

However, plus size night shirts aren’t only great for comfy nights – you can also wear them just like plus size loungewear for women for spending a lazy day on the couch. If you are also looking for a bit of utility, a plus size night shirt with pockets is great to store small items you need when walking around in your home, be it your smartphone, reading glasses or tissues.

Designwise you are free to choose what is to your liking: 

•    from simple monochrome plus size women’s sleep shirts, 
•    over geometric or floral patterns
•    to cute prints or feminine details such as ribbons or lace

Most shirts are simply worn over your head, while some plus size button down sleep shirts allow you to regulate your neckline. Your ultimate choice depends on your preference: do you want a cute piece of plus size sleepwear that is as soft as a pajama but gives you more free movement? Then plus size long sleep shirts are perfect for you. 

Frequently asked questions about our plus size night shirts

What is the difference between a plus size night shirt and a nightgown?

While both are at first glance rather similar, a plus size nightgown is usually longer than a long night shirt in plus size. Additionally, compared to the wider cuts of sleep shirts in plus size, nightgowns are figure-hugging and thus further accentuate your curves. Next to that, some nightgowns are sleeveless, while night shirts have either short or long sleeves.

What is the best material for plus size evening and night shirts?

•    The vast majority of plus size night shirts consists of cotton since it is a very breathable fabric. Cotton sleep shirts in plus size are light and easily absorb sweat to ensure that you feel nice during sleep. 
•    During winter, flannel nightshirts in plus size will keep you extra warm
•    In summer however, a satin nightshirt in plus size might be the better option. Satin sleep shirts in plus size are cool to the touch and ensure that you feel neither too warm nor cold during hotter days. 

How do I properly clean my plus size night shirt?

Given that most sleep tees are cotton night shirts in plus size, they are actually quite low maintenance. Nonetheless, it’s good to always consult the care label as a first step before washing any apparel. If there are no special precautions to take, you can simply put your plus size night shirt in the washer using a normal cycle.

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