Plus Size Leggings for Women

When thinking of comfortable pants, the first answer usually is tied to plus size joggers. While they are comfier than a typical pair of jeans, they aren’t necessarily the best pick for official occasions or business meetings. Thus, if you want to look for the best blend of comfort and style, our plus size leggings are just the right choice for you!

Discover the broad variety of these extraordinary pants at Ulla Popken to find the best plus size leggings for curvy women. Pick from:

•     different colors with monochrome classic plus size white and black leggings, or other hues such as plus size brown or red leggings.
•     multiple fabrics, be they comfy plus size cotton and fleece lined leggings, or sexy plus size (faux) leather leggings.
•     various lengths and cuts, ranging from regular plus size workout leggings that end before your ankles, to shorter plus size capri and cropped leggings.

What makes plus size leggings so special?

There are multiple reasons why plus size workout leggings have carved their way into the wardrobes of many women. Plus size active leggings offer the perfect choice if you are planning to hit the gym, go for a run, or play some sports with your friends

•    Particularly tight leggings – namely plus size compression leggings – apply gentle pressure on your muscles. This in turn improves the blood circulation in your legs, making them a great pick for physical activities of any kind
•    If you directly want to jump into the refreshing water after an exhausting exercise, then swim leggings in plus size are great for the beach or pool as well
•    Do you like leggings, but don’t want to part with your beloved denim look? Then check out our plus size jeggings for women

Plus size leggings are usually made out of flattering fabrics that accentuate your curves thanks to their figure-hugging qualities. Most pants offer a high stretch-factor due to a mixture of cotton and elastane. These materials are durable and adapt to your body shape, without losing their own shape. Therefore, the best leggings for a curvy figure further stress your feminine curves, while providing you the highest degree of comfort and freedom of movement. An elastic waistband ensures that your pants sit tightly without limiting your movement or digging into your skin. 

If the days get colder you can opt for a plus size thermal leggings for fall and winter. They keep you warm by pulling the sweat away from your skin, thus ensuring that you stay dry. In the same spirit, plus size thermal leggings for women make for great underwear when skiing or hiking in frigid temperatures.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size leggings for women

Which leggings are best for shorter women?

If you have short legs, a pair of dark plus size high waisted leggings will do the trick! They optically stretch your silhouette by letting your legs appear to be thinner. A pair of sexy plus size wet look leggings are perfect to strengthen this effect even more. However, women of smaller stature should avoid capri leggings, as their shorter cut compresses your silhouette, making you appear even smaller.

What kind of underwear should I wear under my plus size leggings?

If you don’t want your underwear to be visible through your leggings, it’s best to choose seamless plus size lingerie for women. It is comfortable and provides you with safety, without showing through your upper layers of clothing. Your best choice is to go for underwear made of wicking fabrics such as polyester or nylon, which draw moisture away from your body.

How do I wear plus size leggings for women?

Among the best aspects of leggings is their versatility, as these bottoms match a multitude of different styles quite nicely.

•    You can easily dress down for a casual look with a plus size t-shirt for women and a pair of Chelsea or ankle boots. Plus size leggings with pockets make them popular for city sprees to store your phone or other valuable items. 
•    For a sporty look, wear a plus size sweatshirt for women with some sneakers, ready for the gym or yoga.
•    Match a pair of monochrome plus size leggings with an elegant blouse or plus size tunic for women and some high boots for a classy look.

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