Plus Size Shorts for Women

When the days are getting longer and progressively hotter, it’s time to pick your pair of plus size shorts and enjoy a relaxing day at the pool or beach. Haven’t found the best plus size shorts for you yet? Then check out the large selection of shorts in different materials, cuts, and colors here at Ulla Popken!

Show your legs in comfy plus size shorts

We have just the right fit of flattering plus size shorts for you, matching your preferences while providing you the highest degree of comfort

For a nice picknick in the sun or a shopping tour with some friends, you can opt for stylish plus size denim Bermuda shorts. Together with a cute flowy plus size blouse for women and a pair of comfy sneakers, you create an easy casual look for the summer.

Jump right into the water in a pair of monochrome or patterned plus size swim shorts. As women’s plus size swim shorts are very figure-hugging, you can also wear them like a pair of plus size bike shorts and cool down at the pool after riding your bicycle through the summer heat. 

While enjoying a nice day at the beach, women’s plus size board shorts are comfy thanks to their elastic waistband and practically radiate nonchalance with their prints. Planning to enjoy your day up until the colder hours of the night? Then wearing a pair of plus size stockings for women will keep you warm and fashionable – if it gets too hot during the day, you can easily take them off and put them into your purse. 

Frequently asked questions about our plus size shorts for women

What kind of different plus size shorts are there?

Next to classic pieces like simple plus size black or white shorts for any outfit, you can pick from several styles and fits:

•    Plus size high waisted shorts, frequently in form of paperbag shorts, are great to put emphasis on your waist and are perfect to optically mask your stomach.
•    Plus size booty shorts and hotpants optically stretch your legs and perfectly harmonize with shirts and blouses. Most frequently you’ll find them as plus size jeans or (faux) leather shorts.
•    If you are looking for sportsy plus size athletic shorts, you can pick flattering plus size running and cycling shorts, to enjoy the perfect mix of freedom of movement and formfitting clothing.
•    Plus size overall shorts might have been seen as workwear in the past but are completely trendy nowadays! They match best combined with a plus size tank-top and sandals. Plus size romper shorts provide alternatives out of more flexible materials.

What kind of shorts are best for thick thighs?

If you have more pronounced legs and thighs, then it’s best to opt for straight-cut shorts which optically stretch your legs. Additionally, they provide you more comfort than a dress or plus size skirt. Unlike those, shorts protect your thighs from rubbing together, preventing reddening.

Which shorts fit which body shape?

Triangle shape: Given that most of the weight is concentrated on the lower portion of your body, it’s best to opt for slim fitted shirts to make your legs look longer. 

Inverted triangle shape: As your shoulders are wider than your hips, you should even out your proportions with a pair of flappy plus size shorts. Women’s plus size Bermuda shorts with horizontal stripes help to make your hips appear wider.

Hourglass shape: Women with a narrow waist and equally proportionate hips and shoulders can put even more emphasis on their legs with A-line shorts.

Rectangle shape: Ladies with a rectangle shape do not have pronounced curves. Nonetheless, you can optically narrow your waist by picking tight-fitting shorts and tucking your top into them.

Rounded shape: Curvy women can pick shorts that make their thighs look slimmer in order to draw attention towards the waist-line. For pregnant women, a pair of plus size maternity shorts provides elastic comfort that keeps you fashionable.

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