Comfortable plus size pajamas for women

To get a good night’s sleep you need a proper bed and comfortable mattress – and a cozy plus size pajama if you want to snuggle up and softly glide into the realm of dreams! Ulla Popken’s collection of plus size loungewear is lightweight, combining comfort with subtle style. Best of all? Our plus size pjs come in several sizes, colors, and materials:

  • Plus size silk pajamas
  • Plus size satin pajamas
  • Plus size cotton pajamas
  • Plus size flannel pajamas

Fitting plus size nightwear for ladies for any season

Plus size sleepwear for women accompanies you throughout the year to ensure that you neither have to sweat nor freeze when dreaming. During warmer months of the year, you can combine a comfy plus size sleep shirt with a pair of plus size sleep shorts to stay cool and enjoy freedom of movement. If you prefer to sleep with less clothes on and are looking for some sexy plus size sleepwear, then plus size lingerie for women will fulfill your demands.

Once it gets colder however, its best to opt for one of our plus size pajama sets. They come with a long sleeve top and a matching pair of long pants to keep you warm even if your blanket slips away. Alternatively, plus size onesie pajamas are a cute single piece version for fluffy comfort and warm naps. 

Looking for some nicely fitting leisurely clothes to commemorate the season? Then keep an eye open for themed plus size Halloween or Christmas pajamas. Our assortment of pajamas ranges from colorful and youthful motifs to subtle monochrome plus size lounge sets.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size pajamas for women

Why should I wear a plus size pajama while sleeping?

Especially during chilly winter nights, a long plus size pajama will provide comfort and warmth, covering your arms and legs. If you like to be even more comfy, then a fluffy plus size pajama will do the trick. Next to that, one of the best aspects of plus size pajamas is their versatility: you can also wear them after a bath instead of robes, or just relax during a lazy day on the couch

Which material is best suited for plus size pajamas for women?

Over time, we develop a preference for certain materials and fabrics. If you haven’t found your favorite pick yet, it’s best to opt for cotton. It is pleasant to the skin, keeps you warm and matches your body shape because of its innate stretch.

Which plus size pajama is the best pick for me?

Given that pajamas should provide you the maximum comfort, the design is up to your choice. Do you prefer plain or colorful plus size pajamas? Or maybe instead of a plus size negligee for women, you prefer some sexy plus size pajamas for special nights with your significant other? Our women’s plus size pajama sets fulfill your wishes when it comes to romantic nightwear in plus size!

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