Plus Size Fleece Jackets for Women

A plus size fleece jacket is a must for days when the weather is a little cold. Plus size fleeces are comfortable and effortless, whether they're worn on an outdoor walk or as part of a casual outfit. Wear your fleece with a sweatshirt and scarf on extra-cold days for warmth. On warmer days, a cute tee or a stylish tank top completes the dressed-down look and allows you to keep your cool. Combined with some stretch jeans or leggings, a fleece will keep you cozy all day long! To keep things feminine, wear your fleece with plus size accessories. Some of the plus size fleeces you can choose from include:

  • Sweater knit fleece jackets
  • Modular fleece jackets
  • Fleeces with hoods
  • Fleece lined jackets
  • Fleece vests

Plus size fleeces for the ultimate in comfort

Plus size fleeces are generally worn as mid-layer garments, so they shouldn't be too tight or baggy - loose enough to fit a sweatshirt or tee under and tight enough to wear a coat over in winter. However, how the fleece is worn depends on the style - there are many fleeces that can easily be worn without looking like you're giving up and wrapping yourself in a blanket!

Refreshing new styles with plus size fleeces

Fleeces are hard to beat for all-around comfort in cool weather, but there's no need to sacrifice style, and there are more styles than you may think. Choose from short or long, hooded or not, zip front or fleeces that slip over your head, and a multitude of colors, from fun brights to more sedate numbers. Fleeces are lightweight garments that are easier to wear than ever. Not the sporty type? There's still a plus size fleece for you! Fleeces have enjoyed an update in recent years, and nowadays, fleeces can pass for smart casual, especially full zipper styles without hoods. You can even rock a nautical theme or go to the office with the right fleece.

Frequently asked questions about our plus size fleeces for women

What's the best style of plus size fleece for wearing under a coat?

For a plus size fleece to be worn comfortably under a coat, it shouldn't be too baggy. When a mid-layer is too baggy, the armholes tend to bunch up. To avoid this, find a fleece that fits snugly. Another thing to consider is the thickness of the fleece. If it is to be worn under a coat, choose a plus size fleece that is not too thick. To avoid peek-a-boo fleece appearances, choose one shorter than your coat. Depending on the style of coat, avoiding a hooded fleece may also be a good idea for comfort.

How can I cover my booty in a plus size fleece?

Choose a long fleece if you'd like to keep your buns warm and tucked away. Long fleeces go effortlessly with stretch pants, such as leggings, jeggings, and skinny fit jeans. If you choose a long plus size fleece, ensure that the fleece isn't too baggy so that it doesn't swamp you completely.

How should I take care of my plus size fleece?

Most plus size fleeces can be machine washed, making them very easy to care for. It is always worth checking the label to make sure before throwing it into the machine. Light colors can easily be tainted when dark colors run in the wash. To avoid this, keep light and dark colors separate. To prevent pilling, avoiding tumble drying a fleece is best. Turning a fleece inside-out and washing it on a low heat setting will also help prevent pilling and shedding. When properly cared for, your fleece will be a go-to item for years to come.

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